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A snapshot of our endeavors
Nitor Infotech was At HIMSS19 Annual Conference
Nitor was at this esteemed healthcare technology conference. We helped discover how to bring interoperability & intelligence to your data and propel your business to new horizons.

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Careers at Nitor
At Nitor, we believe it’s important to challenge yourself to make a difference. Read on to find out about all the openings at Nitor.

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Customer Success Stories
Case study : Data Analytics
A leading retail analytics solutions provider develops reporting application using Nitor-Logi strategy

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Thought Leadership
Hadoop & Spark: The Best of both worlds
What exactly are Hadoop and Spark? How are they fast becoming the next big thing in Big Data?

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Our Service Offerings
Discover the services we have to offer
product engineering

Product engineering empowers organizations to rapidly deliver feature-rich products in a cost-effective manner. Nitor’s Product Engineering Service facilitates groundbreaking product and engineering transformation across industries.

We collaborate closely, innovating, designing, developing, and testing to create a holistic software product that solves real business problems.

Our skilled professionals combine design thinking and solution accelerators & frameworks to focus on Digital Transformation and deliver end-to-end engineering.

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Managed Services

Managed Services can enable enterprises to drive growth, minimize downtime, and improve operational efficiency. Nitor’s Managed Services come with flexibility and remote support, enabling enterprises to optimize and manage traditional IT environments to rapidly adopt new technologies.

Our experienced team of consultants and experts enables powerful process automation to accelerate turnaround time and streamline operations.

Our robust solutions and proven technology help enterprises improve margins, future-proof business, and add value to customers. We ensure that your enterprise aligns with the business environment and mitigates threats with effective change management.

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research as a service

With a holistic assessment methodology and research framework, we enable companies to collaborate with the enterprise data ecosystem, to explore the unknowns.

Our decade’s worth of experience with data, blended with your domain expertise, can help you find opportunities in the unknown. You can:

  • Analyze something you don’t regularly analyze
  • Interpret something old in a new way
  • Probe on a deeper level
  • Ask for additional data by collaborating with the ecosystem

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Technology Verticals
Discover how our tech expertise can do more for you
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Revolutionize your company with the inherent security and trust of the Blockchain paradigm
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Experience reduced time to market and save costs with Nitor’s DevOps services
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Go beyond run-of-the-mill app development with the customized strategies of Nitor’s tech services
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Data Science
Plan, manage and strategize your data with Nitor’s Data Science services
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We are an ISV preferred software product development services company building innovative products and solutions for the web, Cloud, data and devices.
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