Big Opportunities in the Unknown

Deriving Value from the Unknown

In an increasingly volatile and information-efficient world, it is imperative for companies to analyze the Known Unknowns (you know the question but not the answer), as well as the Unknown Unknowns (even the question is not known).

At Nitor, innovation is in our DNA. It is an indispensable and intrinsic part of everything we do while solving our customer’s business challenges. Engineers at Nitor aren’t just helping companies explore innovation through research – they are applying it by translating the usage of the core element of business into value-based purchases.

As part of natural evolution and growth, Nitor is proud to present Research as a Service offerings to further strengthen its credentials.

Research as a Service at Nitor
The journey from Unknown to Known

With a holistic assessment methodology and research framework, we enable companies to collaborate with the enterprise data ecosystem and explore the unknowns.

Our Approach

Even though The Unknown Unknown may be a grey box today, you are still not shooting in the dark. The ‘Tsunami of Data’ the company holds has clues that can point to unseen drivers that impact business today or in the future.

Our decade’s worth of experience with data, blended with your domain expertise, can help you find opportunities in the unknown. You can:

  • Analyze something you don’t regularly investigate
  • Interpret something old in a new way
  • Probe on a deeper level
  • Ask for additional data by collaborating with the ecosystem

RASS Infographic2

As a company with innovation in our DNA, we embrace risk in our innovation process by looking to prototype (embedded with elaborate tracking & analytics) ideas quickly and fail fast (if necessary) as a means of clarifying the best path forward.

Technologies We Focus On
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