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Why Big Data and Advanced Analytics Services?
Big data analytics tools

We are in the midst of a data revolution. According to EMC, researchers estimate that in 2020, every person on earth will generate 1.7 MB of data per second! Today, only 0.5% of accessible data is analyzed and used, as mentioned in the MIT Technology Review. This tremendous gap is a boon in disguise for big data technology, services, and advanced data analytics.

Moreover, as identified in Forbes, the Big Data market revenues for software and services are expected to reach $103 billion in 2027. It is no surprise that a survey by Accenture found that 79% of executives think that companies that do not embrace Big Data analytics, solutions, and strategies may face extinction.

Nitor is proud to capitalize on the tremendous potential that Big Data tools and technology can offer. Our Big Data consulting services build a customized roadmap so you can reap the enormous benefits of our Big Data and analytics solutions. We help manage and secure your data to derive solid, measurable, data-backed recommendations.

Technology advancements can best be leveraged in an enterprise context only when the data strategy is right. How is your organization shaping up when it comes to data?

Are you struggling with data integrity where data comes from multiple source systems?

Is managing on-prem data centers & DBAs, as well as administering large analytical data sets, posing a problem?

Do you look forward to lowering the time for data insight, and reducing your dependency on IT?

Big Data & Advanced Analytics at Nitor
Our experts use robust conceptual models to extract insights about four key types of questions:

Arriving at a cause-effect relationship. Requires advanced statistical analysis or data processing.

Answer is present in data. Requires little or no processing.

Big data applications
Big data applications

Involves the discovery of relationships between variables, with a direct problem statement or answer not provided.

Some statistical analysis or data processing is required.

Our Services
Our experts work with you during your entire Cloud journey, whether you require small-scale fixes or comprehensive Cloud strategies & implementation.
Data Storage
Store raw data needed for quadrants I, II, & IV in a cost-effective data lake. Refine data and transfer to a secure, optimized data warehouse
Data Ingestion
Ingest and enrich constant streams of data from heterogeneous sources, such as web/mobile apps and wearables, for a unified view of your data
Database Modelling
Organize data in your optimized database. Eliminate data siloes and resolve reporting challenges. Create models for business problems. Decide schema on write/schema on read strategy across various data sources/sinks
Data Cleansing
Refine raw data in data lakes before transferring to data warehouses. Conduct data cleansing procedures with our Data LEGO framework
Predictive Modelling
Employ proven ML-based techniques to predict trends and detect potential threats, with freedom to scale as you grow
BI Analytics
Process data at lightning speed and deliver automated, intelligent insights with sophisticated algorithms using the refined warehouse data
Data Access Layer Construction
Build an API layer to securely access data. This acts as a decoupled, language-agnostic data/functionality interface to applications
Business Rule Configuration
Configure unlimited, customized business rules through a data pipeline, and transform the data for your required business rule configuration
Data Engineering
Address the volume, velocity, value, variety, and veracity of data to derive utility from the insights provided by data scientists
Data Science
Write sophisticated algorithms that extract the maximum possible meaning from data and are critical to solving business problems
SQOOP, Kafka, Flume, Spark Streaming, Storm, Custom Java APIs/Spark Scala/PySpark, PIG, Apache Drill
HDFS, Data Lake store from Microsoft, Casandra, MongoDB and HBase
Scala, Python, R, PIG, Spark-SQL,
Hive-SQL {HQL}
Spark, R
Qlik, Talend,
PowerBI, Tableu
Why Nitor?
Ensure data integrity while
working with heterogeneous,
disparate data
Manage and secure on-premises data centers and databases
Reduce time to data
insights, and lower
dependency on IT
Add/remove cloud computing resources to scale infrastructure
Work in accordance with data security certifications, specifically SOC 2 & HIPAA

In the past, we have:

Made 15+ analytics-compliant products
Delivered 5 solutions for Retail & Marketing Automation, 3 for Healthcare, and 3 for other industries
Boosted Big Data analytics output by 30% by adopting the Data Lego framework
Big data
Reduced IT costs by 50%
Big data ecosystem
Gone from data to insight in just 2 hours
Big data solutioning
Improved customer loyalty by 15%
Data and Analytics Maturity Model
Data and Analytics
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