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An Algorithm to Cook a Recipe for Product Management Success

In the realm of software product development, striking the perfect balance between crafting a robust software product and swiftly delivering value to customers is the ultimate goal. In the current landscape, ISVs encounter significant hurdles when expediting product development and market entry.

Therefore, in the world of product management, we at Nitor Infotech, a software product engineering services company, have adopted the MVSP approach (Minimum Viable and Sellable Product). This can help companies to create a product and deliver it to the market in no time.

Fascinating, isn’t it?

So, let me be your step-by-step guide in this blog briefing about the following:

  • What is Minimum Viable and Sellable Product (MVSP)?
  • What are the advantages of an MVSP Approach?
  • What are the challenges and solutions in implementing an MVSP strategy?
  • What are the use cases for an MVSP Approach?

So, sit back and keep an eye out for the insights!

What does the MVSP approach mean?

MVSP is a combination of a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) with a Minimum Sellable Product (MSP) approach.

MVSP is a dynamic strategy that empowers product teams to introduce their offerings with a concise set of features. This approach not only gauges market demand but also optimizes resource utilization, aligning perfectly with the tenets of the “fail fast” philosophy, where the primary objective is to swiftly ascertain an idea’s potential value.

By adopting this methodology, businesses can strategically navigate the intricate landscape of product development. Thus, ensuring they allocate resources judiciously and minimize unnecessary investments at the outset.

So, MVSP goes beyond the conventional notion of MVP by incorporating the essence of selling viability, making it a potent strategy to gain a competitive edge. You may have always wanted this for your business, right?

Well, let’s further move towards understanding more about MVSP.

Understanding the Minimum Viable & Sellable Product (MVSP) Approach

Developing a full-scale software product can be a formidable task, even for seasoned product managers. They are often in a quandary of figuring out the problem statement.

Learn how we leveraged agile methodology to deliver a successful MVP in just 10 weeks for a global oilfield service company.

It requires exhaustive efforts to conceptualize and prioritize features that will cement their place in the final product. I’d say it is always important to have a level playing field before you get started. Know the challenges and how to overcome them before you play the MVSP game!

The Challenge

Implementing an MVSP strategy comes with its set of challenges especially when you are forced to deal with vague asks and a lack of a systematic approach. Let me jot the challenges down for you:

  • Unclear requirements breed misinterpretation, resulting in products that fall short of client expectations.
  • Ambiguity leads to misalignment between clients and engineering teams, causing delays in product releases.
  • It fuels scope creep, where constant changes challenge effective management and alignment with evolving client needs.

So, what’s the solution? The answer lies in three words – efficient elicitation techniques.

The Solution

Having highlighted the challenges it is only fair that I also hand down the answer to the conundrum. Here are some steps you can follow to seamlessly implement this strategy:

  • Engage in comprehensive customer discussions.
  • Present brainstormed ideas effectively.
  • Offer insights through competitor analysis.
  • Define detailed personas.
  • Cultivate empathy for each persona.
  • Identify and document top-priority tasks for each persona.
  • Create and validate wireframes/visualizations with customers.

I do have a lot to say about elicitation techniques and that is why I would urge to wait for my next blog to learn more about it.

The Solution Provider

I think that MVP with a Minimum Sellable Approach is a method that focuses on building a product with the smallest set of features necessary to meet customer needs and generate early revenue. A tech-centred and product engineering-focused company like Nitor Infotech can assist organizations by identifying current requirements and prioritizing essential features.

Now that you’ve gained a solid understanding of this concept, you’re likely eager to explore the myriad benefits it offers. The next section is poised to provide you with precisely that insight.

Keep reading!

Key Benefits of the MVSP Approach

Here are the top 4 benefits you can enjoy by incorporating the MVSP Approach:

Key Benefits of the MVSP Approach

1. Customer Validation: To comprehend your customers’ needs effectively, it’s imperative to gain insights into the specific pain points within your target audience and their prioritization.

The MVSP approach helps product managers to validate a product’s value proposition by testing real market demand. It thoroughly helps product managers to set up the product vision.

Thus, helping to make data-driven decisions about the product development process and prioritize features based on your customer needs.

2. Rapid Feedback Loop: In the initial phases of product development, product managers and product owners often rely on assumptions. These assumptions may or may not align with the market’s actual needs, and surprises can be costly.

To mitigate these risks, the MVSP approach encourages the establishment of a rapid feedback loop directly with customers. Engaging with real users enables product teams to gather valuable insights, feedback, and usage data.

This information empowers them to make products through informed decisions, reducing the likelihood of costly pivots later.

3. Cost and Resource Optimization: Avoiding wasteful spending on unnecessary features is the top priority of the MVSP approach.

The clarity of thoughts on the MVSP approach helps a company utilize its workforce efficiency and thus results in a reduction in cost and resource optimization.

4. Time-to-Market Advantage: In today’s fast-paced world, gaining a competitive edge requires launching your product at the right time.

A delay in launching a product delays the product maturity cycle and results in inviting more competitors in the segment.

Thus, the MVSP approach provides an opportunity to capture early adopters and gain a competitive edge. Onwards to real-life use cases!

Use Cases of the MVSP Approach

To provide a deeper understanding of how MVSP can be applied, let’s explore a few use cases:

  • Startups with Limited Resources: Startups often have constrained resources, both in terms of manpower and funding. For them, the MVSP approach is a lifesaver. It enables startups to launch their product with minimal investment, helping them test the waters and gain traction without exhausting their limited resources.
  • Mature Companies Exploring New Markets: Established companies looking to enter new markets or diversify their product offerings can use MVSP to minimize risks. By initially launching a scaled-down version of their product, they can gauge market demand and adapt their strategy, accordingly, reducing the risk of costly failures.
  • Innovators and Visionaries: Those with groundbreaking ideas can benefit from the MVSP approach by quickly getting their concept in front of potential users. By obtaining early feedback, they can refine their vision and build on it incrementally, ensuring that the final product aligns perfectly with market needs.

By adopting MVSP, you’ll find yourself on the path to creating successful customer-centric products that meet both your customers’ needs and your business objectives.

So, embark on the journey into the realm of the Minimum Viable and Sellable Product Approach to strategically deploy the precise features at the opportune moment, securing your lead in the competitive landscape.

Applying this methodology promises a transformative impact on your product development process.

Want to learn more about MVSP? Get in touch with us at Nitor Infotech and explore further possibilities.

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