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Does this title ring a bell? Yes, I am referring to the popular Netflix web-series,” When calls the heart”. Elizabeth Thatcher, daughter of a rich business tycoon leaves her cosy life in the city full of comfort to follow her heart’s calling, and moves miles away to a tiny town ‘Coal Valley’ as a school teacher. Her journey of establishing herself in that town, through all the odds of a tedious, hard life, resistance from her own family, acceptance from people in town, who have gone through recent traumatic situations is definitely heart-stirring and one where many women can draw inspiration. Oh no! don’t think I am reviewing the web-series and sharing my recommendation. But yes, if you choose to do so, you will only be happy to be introduced to some great piece of work.

Having had the privilege of knowing, seeing and working with many extraordinary women made me realise that to the core of their success lies their tremendous and unmatchable inner drive, the strong determination to make things happen and most importantly believing in miracles. Also, while going through various woman leadership programs, driving initiatives on woman empowerment and listening to so many magical stories has just confirmed that the moment a woman decides to follow her heart, all road-blocks dissolve, inhibitions just melt off and an unstoppable path gets paved. The power of self-belief and self-worth are certainly key ingredients for us woman to create a world, where there is a sense of true happiness and fulfilment. I am certainly not trying to indicate that pursuing education, careers and earning alone brings in fulfilment but it definitely does broaden your horizon. Most importantly listening to your heart, finding that exclusive ‘Me’ time and doing things that give real happiness is very important.

While this is true many of us get trapped in our own situations that impact our beliefs and weaken them. We tune ourselves to the needs of others in our environment and happily start accepting that our happiness lies in their happiness. For some that may be their true calling, in that case, it is absolutely fine to do so, but the moment you feel a sense of compromise, being taken for granted or with a higher gravity feel victimised, these feelings or emotions are neither helpful nor desirable. Coming out of the situation through your own efforts or seeking help is extremely important. Having an objective mindset, standing for self (does not mean fighting), setting self-goals, building a positive support system and then along with that strong determination, desire and passion just plunge into fulfilling those self-goals.

Women for many years and centuries have needed to demonstrate that they are good enough, that they are capable of creating miracles, show bravery & exhibit valour. They have had to prove their mettle; the unmatched brilliance and our world has accepted it as a norm to give that soft treatment to us woman. I guess, the term woman-empowerment possibly did emerge from that accepted norm. Glad to see that it is changing very fast and there is a huge acceptance of this change. In an organisation, set-up we see a leaky bucket phenomenon where women start strong and drop off on the way due to Marriage, Maternity or Mobility. The inner drive to continue, contribute and grow somehow gets suppressed. We tend to ignore our calling and remain complacent, sometimes even feel stuck.

There are some phenomenal stories of women who have followed their passion, one such is a close friend who gave up her flourishing IT career from a senior position for pursuing full time baking, another friend having gone through all odds of personal life and health moved out of the comfort zone of employment to start her own product company and made it a huge success. Another great example that inspires me every single day is my mother-in-law, at the age of 72 expressed that she always wanted to learn dancing and started doing so. The stories can go on and on. I honestly feel that we as women should listen to our hearts very often and follow our passion. Only then will we, in the truest sense, be empowered and liberated. We do not need movements, initiatives or anything of that sort to give us that feeling. It is all about giving yourself that time, listening to your inner voice, identify your calling, and in an organised manner approach it with a plan. Things will unfold on their own and your path will become clearer. It is not necessary that everyone will or should reach the ultimate destination, because in reality it does not exist, just like a mirage it keeps enticing you but you can never hold it. The journey of those smaller steps is far more enriching and fulfilling, than holding yourself back or dragging yourself on the path you do not enjoy.

On this international woman’s day wishing each one of us a beautiful life ahead. We at Nitor Infotech are creating avenues aligned with our core values of Respect and Care for such women whose calling is making a great career in the IT industry. I encourage you to apply and join us to follow your dreams. Finally, when the heart calls, magic and miracles do get created.

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