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Augment the Troubleshooting Power of your Enterprise with Solution Engineering

If we were to imagine the top ten dreams of any enterprise, I’m sure you’ll agree that enhanced ROI, increased scalability, and optimum time-to-market would definitely feature among those. In this industry scenario that keeps transforming faster than you can say ‘IT’, enterprises are continually grappling with advancing technologies and requirements of optimizing costs.

Enter solution engineering. Put simply, solution engineering is the designing of customized solutions for complex business problems. It is a thorough troubleshooting approach (you can in fact visualize it as a mindset) that involves an investigation phase as well as an intervention phase.

In this blog, I will introduce you to four ways in which you can inculcate that technical mindset that will take your enterprise to the next level:

Impress your end-customers with enterprise mobility solutions

In a landscape that sees businesses jostling for space like traffic on a busy road, enterprise mobility opens up a freeway, allowing you to take a much-needed breath of fresh air.

Whether it’s booking appointments, cab rides, streaming TV shows or even working, people inevitably turn to their mobile devices. Enterprise mobility is a rising trend wherein employers operate remotely using a range of devices (personal laptops, mobile phones, tablets) and applications. The tangible benefits include security, system and cloud integration, seamless content sharing, and accurate data capturing.

In these ways, enterprise mobility solutions support your employees in offering real-time assistance to your customers. As I’m sure you would know, there is a direct corelation between the speed at which customers are assisted and their satisfaction!

How should one go beyond run-of-the-mill mobile application development, you ask? Take a look at our blog on native v/s hybrid mobile app development that will help you decide what’s best for your business.

Opt for an overhaul with enterprise DevOps

In case this is the first time you’ve come across the term, DevOps is a cultural philosophy that involves the deployment, maintenance, security, and management of the backend code of a software product.  The ‘Dev’ team are the creators of the product and the term ‘Ops’ refers to the operations staff who are responsible for the product post its completion.

These days, the need for an enterprise to adopt DevOps is immense. Going a step beyond DevOps, Enterprise DevOps introduces a flow of changes focused on a fresh foundation and sophisticated transformation of the IT processes in Dev and Ops. You will be delighted to witness its impact in terms of acceleration, decreased error sensitivity and increased transparency!

According to a report, 81% of enterprises have already transitioned to DevOps. At the same time, we must keep in mind that DevOps isn’t a one-size-fits-all tool. That’s where customised services can give the current infrastructure of your enterprise an overhaul leading to a boost in productivity.

Check out details of Nitor’s high-value DevOps implementation for a leading software product development company in this case study.

Refresh your workflows with Business Process Automation

When we think about manual business processes, human errors aren’t far behind. These can result in wastage of time and delayed operations. However, when you decide to leverage enterprise business solutions, a huge weight is lifted off several shoulders and life at work is certainly easier!

According to a 2020 global survey of business leaders conducted by McKinsey & Co., 31% of businesses have fully automated at least one function. Business Process Automation (BPA) entails the automation of critical, complicated business processes through the wizardry of advanced technologies – also goes by the name of the buzz-phrase ‘digital transformation’. The sprawling tree of BPA has multiple robust branches such as email automation, automated file transfers, automated report generation and distribution, automated business application integration, spreadsheet automation, and automated event log monitoring, among others. This is definitely a tree with an array of benefits!

Tap the potential of Data & analytics

With the advent of cutting-edge technologies to increase efficiency of day-to-day processes, enterprises began producing copious amounts of mostly unstructured data. This raw data from disparate sources failed to bring value to the enterprise on its own. In order to rectify this, it became necessary to correctly store, process, manage, and analyse this data.

That’s where Big Data and Analytics came into the picture. In today’s data-driven world, Data Analytics plays a crucial part in improving your business since it enables you to gather hidden insights, curate reports, conduct market and competition analysis, and improve business requirements.

In a nutshell, solution engineering (specifically enterprise mobility solutions, enterprise DevOps, BPA and Data & analytics) has the potential to trigger that dynamic domino effect that every enterprise aspires for – accelerate top-notch digital transformation, improve organizational transparency, enhance collaboration among employees, and finally augment productivity.

To continue exploring how solution engineering can empower your enterprise, take a look at our datasheet and do drop us an email.

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