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How triangulating digital transformation can help improve customer experiences.

Businesses worldwide seem to be facing a plethora of uncertainties. But in all this there is one thing that is constant – their expectations – unparalleled experiences whenever brands try to talk to them.

This got us thinking about how everyone in a company’s ecosystem must do their bit to be a part of digital transformation.

Digital transformation, as meant by Brian Solis, is “realignment, or new investment in, technology and business to effectively engage digital customers at all touchpoints in their customer experience lifecycle”.

Does digital transformation begin when your business is set into motion? Does it start when the very people in your organization start thinking about it? Or lastly does it take off when you have technology as an ammo? Here is what I think.

Why to accommodate a shift in digital culture?

I think my video here has explained the what and the why part of a small framework that we have designed. Here’s adding a little more depth to it.

If you ask me, what we have done is to triangulate the digital transformation journey to help deliver immense business value. The three points – ‘business, people, and technology’ act as cornerstones. Data becomes the perfect fuel! It leads organizations, through radical thinking and experimentation towards transformation.

Triangle of Digital Transformation

A shift in culture like I said happens in the form of:

  • change management in any business,
  • addition of BI or Analytics to data
  • executive sponsorship to drive real results from people, and
  • digital transformation programs to get the best from technology

Achieving that perfect harmony many say is a myth.

What do you think are the challenges in achieving the perfect balance between the business, people, and technology?

How to get started immediately with Digital transformation?

Once you have identified the challenge that most plagues you are ready to move to adopting a winning process that will drive your digital transformation.

Steps towards digital transformation

Step 1: Strategy

Conduct an Assessment

It is vital that you understand your current digital maturity matrix, that is why you need to Audit and Assess for it. This audit leads you to map your Vision and aspirations against the industry landscape you operate in.

Then you can evaluate and frame opportunities by addressing your Maturity Gaps. Next, define your Digital Operations Roadmap, an action plan for the much-needed thrush towards digital transformation.

And finally have someone turn referee. Get a Scorecard to map your KPIs and your digital roadmap to measure your progress.

Step 2: Mindset

Make an Opportunity Map

Seeing the glass as half full is a good to have quality on your road to digital transformation, Identifying gaps and risks and converting it to an opportunity – that is what makes you go from good to great.

Put pen to paper and see what your opportunity map can contain. This wheel below can surely help give you a head start.

Creating an Opportunity Map

I will have a podcast soon on why opportunity maps hold the key to success soon. Stay tuned.

Step 3: Process

Leverage a process for Insight Delivery

There is a two-ingredient recipe to follow any process – one is possessing tact and the other is being definitive. Your process is supposed to be as it can get so you incorporate all the feedback that comes to you at the end of the cycle. Here is how I see the process for any organization taking that path.

At the starting point you fill your chart with goals and objectives. Then on it is a studied course of action.

Process in the Triangle of Digital Transformation

Step 4: Iteration

Take small steps towards transformation

You start any journey by establishing competence. Then you take another small step trying to grow trust by building on the insights you gathered. Then it is time for some action – to show the value. And finally, just almost naturally you move on to a stage where you can influence behaviour – make that change you have always been dreaming of.

That is why I always believe that data can teach you like no other – past data gives you learnings, points out gaps, helps you pinpoint issues and root causes. Present data tells you all that is worth the risk, all that is trending, and all that can be turned into an opportunity. And from the future comes limitless possibilities and hitherto undiscovered potential.

Get your data talking to you – to your people, to your business, to your technology and rise to the occasion. Make data work for you on your most fascinating road towards revolutionizing digital culture.

To learn more about how we can help you uncover hidden truths in data, write to us.

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