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A close friend once asked me, how does Nitor Infotech as an organization manage to delight all its customers every time-what is your secret?

Well there is no magic sauce, the reason may have sounded as dull as a dishwasher to him, but that is what it is. So, I thought of writing down what we discussed, a little help maybe, for those struggling with the same question.

Nitor Infotech has inculcated a strong delivery culture-a customer centric one.

A Statement of Work (SOW) is a very neat and double margined document that every delivery-organization must follow, but what makes us different, is that ‘little extra’ called Value Addition. Value addition goes a long way in not just strengthening ties with the customer, but in also making us believe even more in what we do. That is one of the reasons for what you may call a ‘high satisfaction index’.

How do you know that these value additions helped? Well I am sure there will be scores of customer appreciation emails that can speak for themselves.

At Nitor Infotech, the SOW is the readymade halfway mark, but to take it to the finish line and make everything count, adding the WOW to the SOW is what makes us stand apart, to continually deliver, to generate that kind of speed always.

Customer Delight is one of our organizational core values-it is this very delivery excellence that has got our clients to entrust us subsequent businesses. Talking to their management to add more in our cart, just becomes more natural then when we deliver more than what was originally promised in the SOW.

Well, this may sound a wee bit boastful, but the Nitor Infotech team works relentlessly, come wind, rain, or sunshine. Even during the COVID-19 lockdown, spanning over 3 months now, I never saw that zeal ebb. And that is probably the reason why we received 35 customer appreciations covering over 120 people in the organization-all of which came during the lockdown. And that resulted in me awarding 33 prizes in our Appreciation meet not long ago.

Our Delivery Excellence model is strongly backed by our Employee Appreciation model. We think spontaneity is the best form of leaving a long lasting impression so we designed ‘Spot prizes’ to recognize those employees who made special contributions, did phenomenal work, made proactive dedications, and successful deliveries over a really short period of time. And during this lockdown it has been a weekly affair. We strongly believe that if our employees are happy and satisfied, then their happiness would clearly reflect in the high quality work that they deliver.

I did tell him all this, and we did discuss more on how the management can help maintain and develop delivery of service and render value to customers. He seemed to understand that we needed 3 Ds to make deliveries right all the time-Drive, Dedication, and ‘Delight’ (your customer).

Now excuse me if I slip into an Oscar speech mode, but this must be said.

I must extend my thanks to all my fellow Nitorians, who rose up during this difficult hour, worked remotely, fought emotional and physical battles, ensured ZERO escalations whatsoever, and took all efforts possible to make Nitor Infotech one of the best companies in the business. I would also like to give a loud shout-out to all our customers who believed in us during these testing times and allowed us to deliver business on a regular basis.

Thank you team, once again for all the phenomenal work done so far.

Keep delivering, keep delighting, and stay safe.

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