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What is Industry 4.0?
IoT services

The world is riding the wave of the fourth industrial revolution. Machine to machine interaction, specifically IoT technology, is transforming our lives.

The International Data Corporation estimates that there will be approximately 212 billion connected devices by 2020. IoT platforms, technology, and applications are set to generate $14.4 billion over the next decade. IoT is a force that can help individuals and businesses transform their lives with devices that can represent themselves digitally.

Moreover, IoT solutions can enhance businesses by running sophisticated analytics algorithms on data captured from the physical world. Businesses have the potential to use these insights to increase productivity, improve the customer experience, and enable the development of innovative products and services.

IoT at Nitor

We’re proud that our culture of innovation and thought leadership has led to early mover investments in IoT technology, platforms, and applications. We’re excited to be at the forefront of the latest in tech.

Nitor develops IoT technology that our customers use as part of various use cases, such as SCM optimization, inventory optimization, automatic ordering, and more.

Based on our experience across verticals, we help clients develop micro-vertical solutions such as Remote Monitoring & Controlling or Predictive Maintenance to address the needs of specific markets.

What We Do

Nitor offers end-to-end solutions for enterprises with innovative use cases to help them unlock value from IoT. We enable new business models that generate alternative revenue streams with strong IoT and Cognitive/AI capabilities.

IoT platform
How We Do It
We use the latest IoT technology as part of a scrupulous, customized roadmap design.
Why Nitor?
Gateway Implementation
Program any popular gateway to communicate between things and the Internet with millisecond-level latency. Handle 300+ million metrics a day
Connected devices
Protocol Library
Use popular IoT protocols such as HTTP, APMQ, and MQTT
IoT connectivity 
Secure Messaging
Encrypt messages using an SHA-HMAC 256 hash and SSL protocol
IoT analytics
Ingestion Framework
Use a scalable server side ingestion architecture built using Kafka queues and spark streaming using HDFS
Cloud Support
Employ Azure, AWS, or any private Cloud
Machine to Machine
Intelligent Insights
Display real-time analytics with just second level latency
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