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Why Cloud Services?
Cloud services

Organizations face the constant struggle of achieving a faster time to market, augmenting customer experience, and improving agility & scalability while addressing governance and monetary challenges. Cloud computing technology offers a new, flexible operating model that overcomes these problems. This is why the Cloud revolution has resulted in a paradigm shift in the way businesses operate.

Demands for scalable and secure access to applications, spikes in network loads, requirements of device-agnostic access, and a move towards pay-as-you-go pricing have all created and nurtured a demand for cloud computing technology.

According to Forrester, the public cloud market is set to grow to $236 billion by 2020. With Cloud solutions and Cloud implementation services becoming mainstream, IDC predicts that 67% of enterprise software and infrastructure will cater to Cloud-based offerings by 2020. Moreover, Forrester predicts that AWS, Google, and Microsoft are on track to capture 80% of Cloud platform revenue by the same year.

Cloud DevOps at Nitor
At Nitor, we offer strategic, implementation, and monitoring services to help you get ahead in the Cloud game. Our Cloud service offerings and frameworks are designed to take advantage of the flexibility, scalability, automation, and anytime access that Cloud technology offers.

Our Cloud services complement DevOps processes on your path to digital transformation. We have deep expertise in both open source and proprietary DevOps tools and technologies. Nitor offers you the best in IaC and IaaS for a phenomenal experience of enmeshed Cloud and DevOps.

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What We Do
Our experts work with you during your entire Cloud journey, whether you require small-scale fixes or comprehensive Cloud strategies & implementation.
Cloud computing technology
Why Nitor?
In the past, we have:
Cloud computing technology

Architected 10+ products on AWS while leveraging EC2, RDS, SQS, S3, SNS, and DynamoDB

Cloud Implementation services

Built 15+ products on Azure, using features such as ServiceBus, BLOBs, Queues, DocumentDB, and Cloud services

Cloud Implementation services

Developed an API that facilitates faster programming with AWS and Azure features

Implemented DevOps to automate the creation of various Cloud features

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