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Rethinking enterprises and ecosystems with Blockchain technology

According to a report by Gartner (2017), the business value addition of Blockchain technology will exceed $176 billion by 2025, and $3.1 trillion by 2030.

This follows the recent boom in Blockchain development across industries. According to a research, Blockchain burst into the limelight with applications in the Banking & Finance domain (most notably bitcoin and ICOs), capturing 60.5% of the market. Blockchain tech is now emerging as a focal area in various other industries. Manufacturing & Resources, for example, holds 17.6% of the market, and Distribution & Services comes in third with a 14.6% market share as reported by the researchers.

We are confident that Blockchain will play an instrumental role in pioneering the transparent and secure business processes of the future. Blockchain is set to become the foundation upon which we build a plethora of innovative business applications that surpass the cryptocurrency use case.

Why Blockchain Solutions?
Traditional independent players work together to streamline and integrate processes, all with controlled access to sensitive data
Removal of middlemen ensures fast, easy transactions based on the wider consensus
Inherent security of verifiable, decentralized, immutable digital records translates directly into client trust
Distributed ledger ensures secure, real-time access to records to reduce censorship and fraud
Smart Contracts automatically execute actions based on pre-set conditions
All information is encrypted & timestamped using sophisticated cryptographic
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What We Do

Nitor is proud to leverage deep domain expertise to map technology and processes with the appropriate business use cases. Our expert engineers rapidly build prototypes using the latest technology. This achieves fast, meaningful results and reduces time to market.

Consortium Blockchain
Use end-to-end consortium/private Blockchain technology with a permissioned ledger, IPFS, and Smart Contracts
DAPP Development
Build DAPPs that allow quick and safe transactions in a decentralized network without intermediaries
Integrate easily with preconfigured networks and infrastructure
Smart Contracts
Automate enforcement for higher security and lower cost. Work with our experienced team to write the Smart Contract’s code
Payments and Wallets
Automate workflows, publicly track records, involve all stakeholders, and transfer data with high security and decreased cost while protecting traditional and multi-signature wallets
ICOs and Exchanges
Run end-to-end ICOs, exchanges, multi-signature wallets, and permissioned Blockchains. Leverage our mature ICO team and DevOps implementation on the entire ICO platform
How We Do It
Why Nitor?

Nitor is committed to staying ahead of the technology curve with advanced thought leadership, nurtured by a culture of innovation and collaboration.

Our early mover investments, among other things, have given us this thought leadership advantage in Blockchain technology. With our team of trusted Blockchain architects and implementation leads, we have delivered end-to-end Blockchain solutions encompassing platform choice, technology implementation, cloud deployment, and DevOps. We have delivered ICOs, private/consortium Blockchains as well as solutions on multiple platforms.

Our integrated Blockchain solutions help your business benefit from the strength and trust of the Blockchain paradigm. We can help you revolutionize your company with the inherent security and trust of this rapidly evolving technology.

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