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In today’s business environment, consumers are inclined toward products driven by powerful technology, quality user experiences, and great flexibility across environments. All of this, coupled with increased competition, growing compliance requirements, and tight go-to-market timelines, has challenged organizations to maintain a balance between product development and product management.

Organizations are focusing on launching their next generation products by embracing analytics, machine learning, artificial intelligence, Big Data, and Cloud technologies. Navigating all these technologies requires fresh and complex competencies. However, companies continue to manage the existing legacy portfolio of products. This creates scale and bandwidth issues for the launch of new products.

Software Product Engineering empowers organizations to rapidly deliver feature-rich products in a cost-effective manner. Nitor’s Software Product Engineering Service facilitates ground-breaking product and engineering transformation across industries. We collaborate closely, innovating, designing, developing, and testing to create a holistic software product that solves real business problems. Our skilled professionals combine design thinking, solution accelerators, and frameworks to focus on Digital Transformation and deliver end-to-end engineering.

Product Development

With technologies such as Cloud and mobile platform uniting with the growing intricacies of software development, organizations need to adapt to rapid changes, minimize development time, provide an innovative approach, and understand customer requirements without compromising quality.

Nitor’s Software Product Development Services can help you overcome these challenges. Our expert team of engineers and developers bring in best practices aligned to PDLC, which has helped deliver 500+ robust products worldwide. We provide accelerated product development via 24/7 support. Additionally, our frameworks such as DQAT and Data Lego improve the quality assurance of products up to 30%.

How We Do It
Data Engineering

Organizations today have access to enormous amounts of data, which come in both structured and unstructured forms. The proliferation of the Data concept has resulted in a variety of business uses, including data monetization models and smart actionable analytics.

Nitor’s expert-facilitated gamut of data engineering services includes everything from heterogeneous data ingestion to access layer construction. Our dedicated team of data engineering experts ensure efficient capture, processing, cleansing, and storage of data to enable insightful analytics for sound business decisions by providing effective Data Analytics Services. Additionally, our Framework Data Lego boosts Big Data analytics output by 30%.

Our Key Service Offerings
Test Engineering

Today, almost all IT departments understand that software development and its applications are just as significant from a business viewpoint as they are from a technical one—applications provide the fundamentals for an organization’s key offerings and, by extension, for its customer satisfaction.

Test Engineering can help organizations achieve a flawless performance of applications, prolong product sustenance, and thus improve overall scalability.

Nitor Test Engineering services assist organizations with software testing to help them innovate and overcome challenges. Through our automated software testing service our experienced team has delivered 100,000+ automated test cases across various products, which are integrated into CI-CD DevOps process. Additionally, our test automation suites have resulted in enhancing test automation velocity between 30% to 70%. Our innovative framework such as Lugo targets REST and SOAP service automation, thereby enabling up to a 75% reduction in manual testing efforts.

Our Key Service Offerings
Performance Engineering

Everything from systems administration, frameworks, and running a cloud infrastructure, to assembling and analyzing UX information requires your software teams to use solid testing methods throughout your application’s development stage. Applications fail to meet end-user expectations when performance engineering is carried out at the very end of the software development lifecycle. Additionally, internal end users have similarly huge expectations that the systems and applications they access on a regular basis have rapid response times.

Nitor possesses expertise in providing exquisite user experiences through reliable application performance. Our performance engineering services encompass various frameworks and tools in order to test, monitor, and streamline performance, as well as optimize infrastructure cost. This reduces the number of failures related to performance and availability.

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Maintenance & Support

Every organization today needs to adopt new technology that facilitates agility and develops predictability. The onus of delivering in a cost-effective manner, as well as meeting high business expectations, makes Maintenance & Support in testing a complicated task.

Through the process of agile development, Nitor’s Maintenance and Support services provide a platform for organizations to experience scalability and increased flexibility. Through the use of Application Enhancement, Application Management, System Integration, and Performance Engineering , Nitor’s Maintenance and Support Services can help organizations implement the right set of tools and improve system performance.

Our Key Service Offerings
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