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Why Managed Services?

In addition to heightened customer expectations, the amount of mobile data continues to grow and the rising complexity of IT systems makes it difficult for enterprises to run and maintain these systems.  It is therefore imperative to have seamless and operational IT services to be able to meet business and stakeholder expectations.

An extra pair of hands, Managed Services, can enable enterprises to drive growth, minimize downtime, and improve operational efficiency.

Nitor’s Managed IT Services come with flexibility and remote support, enabling enterprises to optimize and manage a traditional IT environment to rapidly adopt new technologies. Our experienced team of consultants and experts enable your process automation to accelerate turnaround time and streamline operations. Our robust solutions and proven technology help enterprises improve margins, future-proof business, and add value to customers. We ensure that your enterprise aligns with the business environment and mitigates threats with effective change management.

Application Maintenance

With enterprises constantly developing applications, it is obvious for them to drive changes to the current application condition while maintaining important IT applications and infrastructure. Additionally, CIOs face the challenges of maintaining and monitoring mission-critical applications while reducing costs.

With Nitor’s Application Maintenance Services, our experts make sure that system outages are reduced, while assuring improved performance and efficiency of your applications, thereby enabling your teams to focus on new and innovative business features. Additionally, we provide 24/7 support, giving you time to focus on new functionalities and enhancements in your existing applications through our managed IT solutions.

How We Do It
L1 L2 L3 Support

We cannot downplay the importance of post-sales support for companies. The right support can ensure growth, retention, and high MRR (monthly recurring revenue). In order to achieve these, companies need the right support architecture in place, ensure a seamless handshake between different levels (Level 1, Level 2, Level 3), and define clear SLAs for optimum operations.

Nitor provides L1, L2 & L3 support services (onsite and remote IT support) for customers. Our advanced technologies and global partnerships with leading networking, security and software providers can help you simplify IT support management by streamlining multiple contracts to deliver quality IT support through a single point of contact.

How We Do It
Managed Infrastructure Services

In today’s challenging business environment, most enterprises find it extremely difficult to manage their IT Infrastructure effectively. A clever tactic is required for sustaining infrastructure and innovating business with scalability, flexibility, agility, and complete security which is possible only through  proper IT service management .

Nitor leverages deep domain expertise and broad industry knowledge to deliver best-in-class Managed Infrastructure Services to a wide spectrum of businesses. Nitor’s cutting-edge approach helps enterprises meet the challenge of aligning IT with business imperatives by shifting to integrated managed services. Our sophisticated planning in maintaining and managing infrastructure further reduces turnaround time for clients.

Key Service Offerings
Performance Engineering

In an ever-demanding market, organizations want systems to interoperate while application users are demanding more complex business solutions to meet their performance needs. As extra onus is put on applications, the performance fails to meet end-user expectations. Enterprises are left to respond instantly on their own to poorly performing technology rather than having the tools and planning in place to proactively manage the performance of applications.

Nitor’s Performance Engineering Managed Services help you develop software products and applications that perform optimally in normal as well as extreme load conditions. Nitor has significant expertise in the field of both IT support and performance engineering, which includes technology selection, high-performance planning, testing, real-time performance monitoring services, as well as remediation of performance issues.

How We Do It

DevOps enablement programs and transformation investments bring cultural changes in teams with end-to-end automation of operations providing zero touch deployments. An effective DevOps strategy collaborates software developers, infrastructure administrators, quality assurance, and operations professionals throughout the development cycle with Enterprise DevOps Platforms.

At Nitor, we specialize in providing DevOps as a managed service. We provide continuous integration by delivering and managing the end-to-end process so that you can get quicker releases and eliminate errors. Through our Managed DevOps Automation and deployment services we actively check your system, including system monitoring, infrastructure, and running of the application on the Cloud.

How We Do It
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