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Automate. Scale. Optimize. DevOps: Transforming IT Operation

Nitor is proud to offer customized DevOps services that give your current processes an overhaul. With our stellar DevOps technologies and expertise in automation tools, Nitor’s engineers optimize release cycle management costs while ensuring optimal productivity. This results in our rapid product releases and increased product quality.

IoT: Connected Ecosystems for Smarter Decisions

We at Nitor define the right IoT landscape for you to kick-off your IoT journey. An organized approach is taken to understand your business needs & offer fast ramp-up to discover your IoT needs & solutions, accelerating your innovation, operations & time to market.

We are excited to partner with Progress, a preferred healthcare app development partner.

Progress is proud to join forces with Nitor to deliver cutting-edge software products and services. With our dedicated specialists, we deliver cutting-edge solutions for all your technology needs. Together, our tech gurus give you deep domain expertise, a prime development platform, and dedicated talent experienced in a wide range of industries and systems.


At Nitor, we craft our offerings by leveraging the tremendous power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) for the growth of your business. We use the latest advances in AI to meticulously plan, strategize, and execute customized business solutions. Nitor’s experts have expansive skillsets comprising of IoT, NLP, Predictive Analytics, Big Data, and more that can springboard your business results.


NAccelerate is a set of tried and tested, ready-to-use consulting and solution frameworks that have the ability to adapt to digital age disruptions. We provide next level customer experience, Cloud and data analytics, API for business enablement, enterprise IT integration, digital age automation, and Big Data analytics.


With innovation in both the healthcare domain and technology, Nitor provides accelerator frameworks that significantly improve product time-to-market. This helps ISVs stay ahead of the curve and deliver quality healthcare applications, better engagement, and flexibility.


Nitor’s Health Pivot framework helps in collating, organizing, and scrutinizing data from multiple sources. It allows users to create customized rules, generate reports, set alerts, etc. as per business needs – with fewer clicks.


The business value of Blockchain technology is seeing unprecedented growth. According to a report by Gartner (2017), the business value addition of this emerging technology will exceed $176 billion by 2025, and $3.1 trillion by 2030.

Enabling the path to Smart and Secure Healthcare Interoperability

Nitor’s innovative interoperability service allows healthcare ISVs to build integration paths to transfer healthcare information across multiple source systems to generate a consolidated view of a patient’s clinical and financial information.

Driving Care Management with Improved Care Coordination & Patient Engagement

Nitor’s CARE framework helps healthcare ISVs build modern Care Management solutions using advanced technology such as Machine Learning and AI.

Fostering Enhanced Payer-Provider Collaboration for Improved Healthcare Outcomes

Nitor’s ready-to-use Collaboration framework supports healthcare ISVs in achieving smooth payer-provider collaboration to enhance the overall quality of care.

Research as a Service: From Unknown to Known

Research as a Service (RaaS) is an important concept gaining traction in today’s age of flexibility and scalability in software development. The RaaS business model focuses on a scalable, pay-per-use philosophy intended to optimize investment costs. RaaS helps you prioritize design thinking, value-added metrics, & an Agile culture while focusing on continuous digital improvement.

Peer Product Management: A New Paradigm for SaaS

One crucial yet often overlooked factor in the journey to new horizons is Peer Product Management. Peer Product Management is designed to give you the tools to help your product realize its potential. You can do this with the help of a peer who understands the product vision and has the ability to make it a reality.

Digital Maturity Assessment Model: Prepare your Business for the Digital Unknown

The parameters of digital business success have undergone a shift. It is therefore necessary to create a digitalization roadmap with a measurable performance matrix. Nitor’s experts work with you to solve complex business problems while executing digitalization initiatives that keep you a cut above the rest.

AWS Cloud Migration Services for Transformational Business Outcomes

Cloud migration is a technical mandate and strategic priority. Regardless of your stage in the Cloud adoption curve, Nitor’s experts tailor their approach to fit your technology needs and unique business model.