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Automate. Scale. Optimize. DevOps: Transforming IT Operations

DevOps is gaining tremendous traction due to its ability to foster continuous improvements,reduce project failure rates, and promote a performance-oriented culture. Nitor is proud to offer customized DevOps services that give your current processes an overhaul.

IoT: Connected Ecosystems for Smarter Decisions

Nitor’s expert business and technical leaders define the right IoT landscape for you to kickstart your IoT journey. We take an organized approach to understanding your business needs & implementing the right solutions. This helps you accelerate your innovation, operations, and time to market, thereby ensuring business growth.

We are excited to partner with Progress, a preferred healthcare app development partner.

Progress joins forces with Nitor to deliver cutting-edge solutions for all your tech needs. Together, our gurus give you domain expertise, a development platform, and talent experienced in many industries and systems.


We use the latest advances in AI to meticulously plan, strategize, and execute customized business solutions. Nitor’s experts have expansive skillsets comprising of IoT, NLP, Predictive Analytics, Big Data, and more that can springboard your business results.


NAccelerate is a set of tested, ready-to-use consulting and solution frameworks that adapt to digital age disruptions. We provide Cloud and data analytics, API for business enablement, enterprise IT integration, digital age automation, and Big Data analytics.


With innovation in healthcare and technology, Nitor provides accelerator frameworks that improve product time-to-market. This helps ISVs stay ahead of the curve and deliver quality healthcare applications and better engagement.


To prosper in healthcare, you need insights about what’s working — insights available only with Nitor’s Health Pivot framework. This framework collates, organizes, and scrutinizes data from multiple sources. It allows users to create customized rules, generate reports, set alerts, and more.

Blockchain – Building Trust with Secure, Affordable, Inclusive Transaction Tracking

The business value of Blockchain technology is seeing unprecedented growth. According to a report by Gartner (2017), the business value addition of Blockchain will exceed $176 billion by 2025, and $3.1 trillion by 2030. Nitor helps you capitalize on this emerging tech.

Enabling the path to Smart and Secure Healthcare Interoperability

Nitor’s interoperability service allows healthcare ISVs to build integration paths to transfer healthcare information across multiple source systems to generate a consolidated view of a patient’s clinical and financial information.

Driving Care Management with Improved Care Coordination & Patient Engagement

Nitor’s CARE framework helps healthcare ISVs build modern Care Management solutions using advanced technology such as Machine Learning and AI.

Fostering Enhanced Payer-Provider Collaboration for Improved Healthcare Outcomes

Nitor’s ready-to-use Collaboration framework supports healthcare ISVs in achieving smooth payer-provider collaboration to enhance the overall quality of care.

Research as a Service: From Unknown to Known

Research as a Service is gaining traction in today’s age of flexibility and scalability in software. RaaS helps prioritize design thinking, value-added metrics, & an Agile culture while focusing on growth.

Peer Product Management: A New Paradigm for Software as a Service

Peer Product Management is designed to give you the tools to help your product realize its potential and go from idea to reality. You can do this with the help of a peer who understands the product vision and has the ability to make it a reality.

Digital Maturity Assessment Model: Prepare your Business for the Digital Unknown

The parameters of digital business success have shifted. It is necessary to create a new digitalization roadmap with a measurable performance matrix. Nitor’s experts solve complex business problems while executing digitalization initiatives that keep you ahead.

AWS Cloud Migration Services for Transformational Business Outcomes

Cloud migration is a technical mandate and strategic priority. Regardless of your organization’s size or stage in the Cloud adoption curve, Nitor’s experts tailor their approach to ensure you achieve the tremendous benefits of Cloud migration.

Nitor Infotech: Building a Connected, Engaged World

Nitor Infotech is a software product development services company that builds world-class products and solutions by combining cutting-edge technologies for web, cloud, data, and devices. Using digitalization strategy as the centerpiece, Nitor builds disruptive solutions for businesses using readily deployable and customizable accelerators.

The Patientory Association – Nitor Infotech Partnership

The Patientory-Nitor partnership improves health outcomes by providing a secure platform for payers, providers, pharma companies, & healthcare R&D organizations to adopt emerging tech. By leveraging Nitor’s Product Engineering services combined with the Patientory Association’s Blockchain ecosystem, you can receive an open platform for innovation.

Power your product on AWS: Redefine Cloud Success

The future of work is cloud. The AWS cloud platform offers secure, on-demand cloud computing services that help you engineer robust solutions that scale. Whether you are looking for quick fixes or a comprehensive cloud implementation, Nitor’s AWS-certified experts can help you derive the maximum tangible value at every stage of your cloud journey.

Digital Consulting Workshop: Rethink Digital. Reimagine Business.

Nitor’s digital consulting workshop will give you insights on how to manage your digital transformation journey. Our experts work with you to solve complex business problems while aligning your business strategy with digital initiatives.

Product Engineering: Building New-age Software Products

Because of the continuous flux in customer demands, data flows, and the world economy, it has become imperative to take a new look at the journey of ideating, architecting, and building your product. We help ISVs build feature-rich yet cost-effective products in today’s volatile economy.

HIMSS20 Workbook: Rethink Data, Rethink Innovation

Data is regarded as the asset that will drive business in the years to come. Nitor’s focus is on using data, the decade’s most powerful resource, to build the launchpad that drives innovation. We help you use data to instill cognition into systems and continually innovate.

The Ultimate Guide to Tech Startup Success

Succeeding in the tech startup space is no easy task. The most critical challenge is that of setting customer expectations; with extensive technical and functional expertise, as well as continuous feedback loops, the Peer Product Model leaves no stone unturned in helping startups reach new heights.

Product Modernization: Transform the Future from Threat to Opportunity

As time passes, leaders require larger budgets and personnel to manage ever-rising technical debt of legacy systems. This implies that organizations must foster flexibility by transforming applications with modern architecture, design, and an intuitive UI.

Idea to MVP in 10 Weeks

It is advisable to adopt a fail fast product approach that minimizes risks and increases the chances of market adoption. Testing new product features in the realm of real-world business helps you gain valuable, validated market learning and eliminates expendable product features. Discover how to go from idea to MVP in just 10 weeks and at a fixed cost.