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Customer Success Stories

AI – Chatbot

Leading European business management solutions company reduces compliance activity input time by 70% with chatbot service that efficiently tracks compliance requests

AI – Document Ingestion

A leading Data Analytics company based in North America reduces its data management and parsing costs by 90% with a robust, AI-based document ingestion and processing engine

Application Modernization

World-leading software product development company modernizes from legacy desktop application to mobile-first web app with re-engineered UX with Nitor’s modernization services

Aviation Industry

Nitor Infotech builds flight disruption management solution for a leading accommodations service provider of the aviation industry with Nitor’s digitalization expertise


North American software product development company modernizes web application to reduce infrastructure costs and code deployment delays by 40% with Nitor’s customized Cloud migration services


A leading software product development company reduces go-to-market time by 52% and lowers product deployment time by 28% through Nitor’s customize DevOps Implementation


A leading manufacturer of ACs enables user access to their smart AC with Nitor’s IoT-based mobile applications that function as a remote control

Mobility: Oil & Gas

A global Oil & Gas company fulfils compliance requirements with Azure-based mobile app built by Nitor’s expert engineers, fulfills compliance needs of high-risk industry

Power BI – Aviation

Nitor builds an extensive business intelligence and analytics solution for a leading provider of accommodations solutions to the aviation industry

Power BI – Healthcare

Leading Healthcare provider leverages Microsoft Power BI to get actionable insights, manage operations, and cut licensing costs by 50%

Power BI – Technology

A leading technology company revamps analytics capabilities with migration to Microsoft Power BI and decreases IT costs by 45%

Product Engineering

Leading SI company builds online subscription-based solution enabling financial visibility with Nitor’s customized Product Engineering services

Product Modernization

North American software product development company upgrades to serverless technology to reduce code deployment delays by 40% with Nitor’s customized Product Modernization services

Product Modernization: Intranet Kit Product

A leading technology company revamps analytics capabilities with migration to Microsoft Power BI and decreases IT costs by 45%

React Native

Nitor’s React framework helps world-leading Healthcare ISV to reduce time for complex white-labelling activities by 77% while resolving IT resource allocation and utilization issues

Data Science

Asia Pacific’s biggest marketing automation company increases email open rates by 76% and click-through rates to 90% with Nitor’s AI-ML Framework


Steel plate manufacturer predicts product faults with 80% accuracy with Nitor’s expertise in Deep Learning-based computer vision


A renowned retail distribution firm harnesses the power of AI with Nitor’s specialists to gauge omni-channel order fulfilment and augment customer experience


A semiconductor manufacturing company achieves a 50% reduction in complexity of data capture and management with Nitor’s engineered data management solution

Invoice Management System

Nitor builds a quotation and invoice management system for an automotive seating and electrical systems manufacturing company