Embedding quality application for speed and automation

We provide Testing and Test Automation services to ISVs and Enterprises implementing Digital and Traditional technology stack. Nitor has a fine blend of testing processes, tools and test automation framework that  ensures a right fit Test Quality Assurance for your products and digital projects.

While deep functional manual testing is important in  an early stage of your project implementation, automation is key as you on-board customers and business users.

Nitor’s Test engineering frameworks help clients deliver rapid and agile test automation with high responsiveness, availability and scalability. Our test engineering frameworks augment traditional testing strategies with modern digital test automation frameworks to help organizations mature in test engineering.

Additionally, Nitor’s Test Engineering supports performance-driven development through design and developing of test frameworks that increase ROI, reduce time-to-market, and adds-on to existing digital infrastructure.


Legacy Test Automation

Our Legacy Test automation services include key word, object driven frameworks on top of tools like Selenium, QTP, Test Complete, Ranorex etc all.

Digital Test Automation

Nitor provides the efficient lineup of test frameworks and utilities to target test pyramid of digital applications. While our Data Quality Tool (DQAT) provide coverage at data layer, API Testing Framework (IUGO) verifies testing quality at business layer.

Performance Testing

We conduct a wide range of performance testing to diagnose and improve the code and architecture that impacts the application performance.

Data Testing

Nitor’s DQAT framework makes it easy for clients to validate their organization's data quickly, verifying all data differences & DW structures while providing both wholesome views of your data’s health.

Security Testing

Nitor secures your software through countering OWASP Top 10 vulnerabilities such as Injection flaws, Broken Authenticatino, XML External Entity (XXE), Sensitive Data Exposure, Cross-Site Scripting (XSS), Insecure Deserialization with industry known tools - BurpSuite, Zed Attack Proxy, Nmap - Zenmap, Wireshark, Metasploit, Paros, Fiddler , Nikto, Vega etc.

Functional Testing

From start to finish Nitor’s functional testing ensures your software does exactly what it is designed to do. We successfully ensure comprehensive quality control in each phase of your product’s development and implementation.

Integration Testing

Nitor’s Integration testing services ensure applications that perform excellently in isolation integrate smoothly across platforms to provide a smooth end user experience.

Why Nitor?

API Testing addressed through Lugo framework enabling enhanced test coverage

Integration level test automation completion through tools like Jest, Enzyme and White box utilities that speed up the verification of React UI without waiting for deployment

Improved ROI by maximizing performance of the current infrastructure

Performance testing for your application to identify performance issues before your customers experience it

Delivers multiple languages supported BDD framework “Agnes” with custom built framework targeted for verifying presentation layer as well as end-to-end application workflows

Automates the data sanity check for completeness, uniqueness and consistency

Cutting-edge frameworks & various tool sets helping build quality, create value and identify defects sooner in the testing cycle by saving time and money

Value Delivered

  • Responsibility of signing offend to end releases for more than 20+ products. Currently we have signed off more than 1000+ releases
  • Managing Test Automation teams for more than 50+ products in both digital and legacy technology
  • We have delivered 100,000+ automated test cases across various products which are integrated into CI-CD DevOps process
  • Our Test Automation suites have resulted in enhancing the test automation velocity between 30 to 70%
  • Up to 75% reduction in manual testing efforts
  • Achieved up to 60% reduction in the cost of quality
  • Delivered cumulative savings worth millions through automation

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