Creating Value and Delivering Expertise throughout the Product Life Cycle

Our streamlined Product Engineering offerings are an end-to-end solution for your business. Our experts work with you to take an idea and metamorphose it into a full-fledged product ready for your target market. We collaborate closely, innovating, designing, developing, and testing to create a holistic software product that solves real business problems. Our state-of-the-art frameworks and accelerators help in implementing best practices and fast delivery.

We deliver value, right from product ideation to end-of-life product ownership. Throughout your product’s life cycle, we ensure you benefit from the guidance of experts – regardless of the stage of product development.

So ensure that your product is in capable hands with Nitor’s dedicated team.


Product Ideation and Innovation
  1. Conceptualize your product from a holistic perspective
  2. Our accelerators: Consulting frameworks like Product Digitalization, BOLT framework, Java Spring Startup kit
Product Architecture and Design
    1. Blueprint your product from the ground up
    2. Our accelerators: BOLT framework, Java Spring Startup kit
Product Development
    1. Build a sound product that is ready for the market
    2. Use Digital Technology Verticals and cutting edge technologies in IOT, BlockChain, Mobile First Apps, Advance Analytics and deployed to scale on cloud
    3. Our accelerators: Customer 360, DQAT(Data Quality Automation), Data Lego(Big Data Analytics framework), Health Rule Engine(for healthcare products)
Product Quality Assurance and Usability Testing
    1. Engage in thorough quality assurance testing for the perfect user experience
    2. Our accelerators: DQAT, Agnes(BDD Test Automation)
Product Modernization and Digitization
    1. Modernize a legacy product with the latest technology, architecture, and business approaches
    2. Our accelerators: Consulting frameworks for Product Digitalization, Customer 360, DQAT, Data Lego
Product Sustenance
    1. Ensure value and effectiveness when handling evolving business needs
    2. Our accelerators: DQAT, Data LEGO
Technical Support
    1. Avail the expertise of our experienced tech support teams and create engaging support experience for our customers
Professional Services
    1. Benefit from our deep technical and domain expertise
    2. Product Customization, Product Consulting, Product Integration with other systems

How we do it

Our capable teams that offer rich expertise work with cutting-edge technology to develop a product that is fast, reliable, and provides useful business insights and value. With an experienced team behind accelerators and reference implementations, Nitor can bring industry best practices, quality, and faster delivery to product engineering. We prioritize thinking about the customer’s customer, which helps you build a more usable and relevant product for your business case.

We follow a thorough process to ensure effective collaboration and immaculate understanding. Our high-level stages include:

  1. Thorough knowledge transfer to learn:
    1. Product functionality and entities
    2. Business angle
    3. USP and ROI of product
  2. Understand the product integration scenarios
  3. Gap Analysis for product with following expertise:
    1. Domain Consultant
    2. Technology Architecture
    3. Market Needs
    4. Competitor analysis

Apply Naccelerate; Nitor’s digitaization frameworks and accelerators to create a robust and modern solution.

Deliver iteratively and with Agile development processes.

Value Delivered

  • With 10+ year experience in Product Engineering Services, Nitor brings in best practices aligned to PDLC which has helped deliver 500+ robust products worldwide
  • N-Accelerate frameworks such as DQAT and Data Lego improve the quality assurance of products up to 30%.
  • Nitor’s Startup Kits and Reference Implementations help in reducing the delivery time by 45%
  • Nitor’s domain expertise has helped customers to reduce the communication gap, which increased execution speed by 10%
  • Nitor has 60% team of Full stack and Cross Stack developers which helps in cost as well as effectiveness
  • Full stack and cross stack developers, which make up 60% of our team, offer expertise that helps reduce costs


Explore ideas, insights, analysis and industry best practices with our domain experts