Reengineer data. Reimagine business.

Data is the next oil: the cornerstone of business success.

Big Data in particular is taking the business world by storm. Nitor understands that the mind-boggling speed of the proliferation of the Big Data concept has resulted in many different business uses, for example data monetization models and smart actionable analytics adding tangible value. Nitor is a visionary in harnessing the transformative power of Big Data and intelligent analytics. With Nitor, you can be confident that your invaluable data is in expert hands.

Our services extract intelligent, data-driven insights using proven methods in Big Data, AI, and Data Science. Our expert-facilitated data engineering services run the gamut from heterogeneous data ingestion to access layer construction. We offer a smart framework to ingest data from multiple sources. Our NAccelerate framework, Data LEGO, runs on top of services to make sure your product is superior to the competition. Our dedicated team of data engineering experts work with you to ensure efficient capture, processing, cleansing and storage of data to enable insightful analytics for sound business decisions.


Data Ingestion

Hold integrated, ready-to-use data from heterogeneous sources to provide a centralized view of company operations

Data Cleansing


Conduct sound data cleansing procedures using various technologies such as Sqoop, Flafka, and Java APIs with our Data LEGO framework


Data Staging and Data Lakes/Warehouses

Store data during processing before sending it to appropriate data repositories

Data Analysis

Identify crude data and uncover hidden insights and patterns

Data Storage Design

Use our Data LEGO framework to store data in secure storage systems such as data lakes and data warehouses

Business Rule Configuration

Configure unlimited, customized business rules by ingesting data from heterogeneous sources, extracting and loading data through a data factory, securely storing in a data lake, and transforming the data for your required business rule configuration

Data Access Layer Construction

Build, for example, an API layer for users to securely access data. This is a decoupled, language-agnostic data or functionality interface to one or more applications.

How We Do It

Data Warehousing

Store all your data in a secure, well-organized place. Win freedom from the rigidity of a single data model.

Database Modelling

Access data in your structured, optimized database. Harness the power to eliminate data silos and resolve reporting challenges.

Big Data Analytics

Extract important insights from vast amounts of data by uncovering hidden insights and patterns.

Advanced Analytics (AI and ML)

Use cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to take analysis to the next level. Benefit from a metadata driven approach with freedom to scale as you grow.

Value Delivered

With Nitor’s solution frameworks, you will be assured of:

  • Making analytics-compliant products: 15+ products have been made analytics-compliant
  • Viewing actionable insights: Benefit from solid, measurable, data-backed recommendations
  • Enabling DIY (Do It Yourself) projects: Control your data, control your product with bespoke reporting
  • Advancing with machine learning: 5 solutions delivered for Retail and Marketing Automation, 3 for Healthcare, and 3 for other industries
  • Using data monetization models: Strategize using Big Data to turn your data into dollars
  • Benefitting from horizontal and auto-scaling: Automatically add or remove cloud computing resources to match your needs.
  • Adopting Data Lego as a framework to boost your Big Data analytics output by 30%: Ingest data from heterogeneous sources, process data using cutting-edge tech such as Sqoop, JAVA APIs, and Flafka. Securely store in a data lake, and use Machine Learning to derive actionable insights and canned reports.


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