Deliver Trust and Value at every stage of your Blockchain journey

The blockchain technology is growing in importance. It has emerged from a small presence to one of the most talked about technological innovations. The possibilities of blockchain are enormous, and many companies using blockchain have seen increased security, reduced cost, decreased transaction time, and increased transparency.

The question is how you deal with the faster & ever-going digital transactions that needs to be secure, trusted and audit-ready.

Nitor is your partner in implementing blockchain solutions that have potential to create trusted, secure and immutable distributed ledger based business use cases. Nitor’s Innovation Labs have incubated blockchain technology at an early stage. As we stand today, we have already delivered ICOs, Consortium blockchain, DAPPs with sophisticated Smart Contracts. We boast a strong team of technologists who have delivered complex blockchain applications for ISVs and also delivered enterprise scale implementations.


ICOs and Exchanges

We help you implement platform to run end-to-end ICOs, exchanges, multi-signature wallets and permissioned blockchains to bootstrap your business and enable it with strength and trust of blockchain technology.

ICO Platform Approach Overview

ICO Solution Overview
Consortium and Private Blockchain

We deliver end-to-end consortium /private blockchain with permissioned ledger, IPFS, Smart Contracts at all.

DAPP Development

We can help you create a DAPP with blockchain technology to unlock tangible and long-lasting value for your users.

Smart Contracts

Implement smart contracts to automate enforcement on blockchain networks. Our experienced team can write your smart contract’s code securely.


Achieve transaction consensus across your business network, protect traditional wallets and multi-signature wallets to guarantee security.

How We Do It

 – Consulting framework to choose right blockchain platform including public/private/consortium blockchain

–  Technology consulting to choose right technology platforms for your need. Our teams have experience implementing leading platforms like Ethereum, Quorum and Hyper ledger to name a few

–  Build on top of scalable infrastructure cloud platforms like AWS, Microsoft Azure or GCP. We have a TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) framework to help you choose the right infrastructure especially for ICOs, Private and consortium blockchain

–  Build DAAPs for user centric blockchain applications

–  Build integration points using Micro services API based architecture

–  We help build and review Smart Contracts which allows trusted and smart automation mechanism for trusted transactions

Overall, we are end-to-end partner for your blockchain journey.    

Value Delivered

  • Early mover investments and thought leadership advantage in the blockchain
  • Delivered multiple end-to-end live platforms in blockchain including ICOs and Private/Consortium blockchains
  • Team of trusted blockchain architects and implementation leads
  • Consulting and solutions ability to deliver end-to-end blockchain solutions including choice of platform, technology implementation, Cloud deployment and DevOps

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