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In today’s business environment, consumers are inclined toward products driven by powerful technology, quality user experiences, and great flexibility across environments. All of this, coupled with increased competition, growing compliance requirements, and tight go-to-market timelines, has challenged organizations to maintain a balance between product development and product management.

Organizations are focusing on launching their next generation products by embracing analytics, machine learning, artificial intelligence, Big Data, and Cloud technologies.

Navigating all these technologies requires fresh and complex competencies. However, companies continue to manage the existing legacy portfolio of products. This creates scale and bandwidth issues for the launch of new products.

Our Offerings
Data Analytics

Data Analytics solution enables organizations to provide multi-dimensional analysis & advanced predictive modeling techniques. Our innovative analytical tools help capture customer and market data, , pricing & a lot more.

Omni - Channel

Nitor’s comprehensive Omni-channel solutions enable sales, marketing, and operations teams to collaborate seamlessly across kiosks, stores, contact centres, website and social media platforms. We help retail organizations leverage advanced analytics to better understand customer preferences and elevate experiences by connecting store and fulfilment center.


Nitor’s Personalisation solutions are powered by AI & Machine learning capabilities enabling more accurate recommendations and predictions of customer behaviour. Our effective tools help you predict and prescribe what will sell when, where, and to whom.

Digital business transformation

Nitor enables retailers to develop an overall strategy using digital technologies in order to address future changes in retailing. Our experts come with immense experience in the retail domain. They can translate business requirements into technical specifications and help businesses migrate to digital platforms for better customer traction and delight.

In-store customer experience

Nitor’s  In-store customer experience solutions is an open, global standard precisely developed to help retailers by connecting devices in stores to enhance the shopping experience and help make retailers more efficient. Nitor’s innovative tools enriches the shopping experience by facilitating faster checkouts, in-store assistance, in-store item location and much more.

BI Model

Nitor’s BI solutions provides strategic guidance and technology systems that transform data into insight for retail clients wishing to unravel the most intricate analytical and operational reporting challenges in the retail industry. Our offerings include point-of-sale analytics, promotion analytics, store & product analytics and much more.


Nitor security services comes with a powerful combination of embedded security, consulting, encryption, and data loss prevention to protect your customers and your brand. Our industry experts mitigate risks of data threats and protect you against data breaches & privacy breaches.

Why Nitor?


Nitor works with top-notch retailers to accelerate business operations, reduce capital & operating expenses, and increase business agility.


Our skilled developers come with years of retail experience and help you successfully migrate to cloud platforms, adopt AI & ML, and analyze big data captured by various functions of your retail organization.


By harnessing our advanced tools and technologies, retail organizations transform their business processes, drive smarter consumer interactions and pursue new revenue opportunities.

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