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We deliver amazing software products through creative collaboration and ubiquitous language between technical and domain experts. We build connected businesses
through our industry focused technology services empowered with domain-driven design, solution accelerators and analytics. Our technology solutions and services will accomplish your business goals and boost your market leadership.



From healthcare IT services (Connected Health Experience, Interoperability, Population Health Management and Analytics, Healthcare Analytics for Providers, Payers and Quality Reporting (PQRS) and HEDIS, Patient engagement solutions, care coordination through collaborative platforms and ACO solutions, mHealth, Telemedicine, others) to healthcare solution accelerators, we have it all.



The hyper connectivity and IoT is churning entire retail value chain with a demand for seamless digital consumer experience across an array of connected devices. A multichannel strategy will support an integrated, consistent omni brand consumer experience. We deliver seamless consumer experience and improvement in operational excellence through our retail technology solutions and services.

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With Industry 4.0 around, focus is now on automation, Industrial IoT, information transparency and decentralized decision-making. Extending these principles and applicable across industries, our technology solution accelerators and services are designed to deliver customer centricity, seamless digital experience, enterprise mobility and data driven decisions (analytics).