Investments for Future

Nitor’s customer innovation tripod consists of
  1. Centre of Excellence
  2. Thought Leadership
  3. Continuous Investment
With our customer innovation tripod, we have the “First Movers” advantage over others resulting into customer excellence. This helps us achieve “customer delight” and mutually grow with them.

Centre of Excellence

Our various Centre of Excellences – Software Product Development, BI and Analytics Engineering, Independent Testing and Healthcare deploy industry best practices for doing things right the first time. This builds trust on us and provides us opportunities for vertical growth.

Thought Leadership

Our thought leadership helps customers to think and achieve on possibilities of business excellence. Our techno-functional SMEs apply the technical discussions to the business context and achieve customer requirements. This makes us practice things even before others learn it.

Continuous Investments

Our future investments are always planned for 3 years ahead considering various stakeholders. We invest for our customers to understand their business needs and resolve them accordingly. We invest for our employees for their holistic wellness consisting of 7 dimensions – physical, social, mental, financial, emotional, environmental and spiritual. We invest in our partners to address all their needs before it becomes a concern.