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Nitor Healthcare Solution Offerings

Nitor develops HIPPA– complaint templates by leveraging the Progress Kinvey BaaS platform, Progress Health Cloud (PHC) to build solutions for payers, providers, and consumers. This can accelerate development time, and aspects like ‘Security’ and ‘Connectivity’. The scope of our cross platforms apps includes Care Management, Member Engagement, and Consumer Health etc.

Nitor’s Interoperability solution works atop an ‘IPaaS’ engine, that handles data complexity, and has a user-friendly interface. Nitor leverages the Dell Boomi platform as the ‘Integration Engine’ to connect multiple health systems, integrate applications, and data. The solution manages ‘Application Calls’ and ‘Data Movement’, and ‘Master Data Management’. There are 50+ out of the box connectors, which can help with connectivity and support HL7, CCDA and FHIR standards.

Nitor, a preferred InterSystems Services Partner, leverages the InterSystems IRIS for Health platform to ingest & integrate various data types, create a unified patient health record,  conduct risk stratification, identify high-risk patients, and build a Master Patient Index Solution. The InterSystems IRIS for Health platform is one of the few multi-modal database engines in the industry that support HTAP (Hybrid Analytical and Transactional Processing).  Our upgrade and optimization services include Cloud migration/deployment (AWS, Azure, GCP), vertical scaling & sharding, processing & transformation using the Spark Connector, AI operationalization & using PMML to import models, as well as development analytics with IRIS Connectors.

This solution focuses on maximizing analytics adoption by bringing ‘Analytics to Data’ rather than ‘Data to Analytics’ by leveraging top-ranked Embedded Analytics platform Logi Analytics. Nitor’s deep domain knowledge helps identify KPIs in Population Health Management, Provider Performance, Patient Satisfaction, Quality Reporting, and Revenue Cycle Management. Our capabilities can be complemented by Logi Analytics and Logi Predict – the platform that brings intelligence encapsulated in an easy-to-use interface.

Nitor helps health systems build ‘Analytical Data warehouse’ atop their transactional systems. For this solution, Nitor collaborates with 1010Data, whose systems run on powerful high-speed columnar database engines. The solution provides easy to use Excel-like interface which can help perform ‘Search and Data Discovery’ operations, so healthcare analysts can identify trends, patterns, and filter out datasets to be published internally.

Nitor and Passage AI together offer superior voice to text conversion services. Our sophisticated algorithms manage a large number of permutations and combinations of reference words, with very high accuracy rates. We are proud to collaborate with Passage AI to build and deploy smart conversational interfaces using sophisticated NLP and ML techniques. Nitor has built intelligent personal assistance solutions by applying the latest technology in AI for immersive customer experiences. Converting voice to text and unstructured datasets to structured datasets has never been easy; talk to our experts to find out how chatbots can take your business to new heights.

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