Nitor Infotech Exhibits At HIMSS19

Nitor was at Booth #7447 for HIMSS19 this year. Here’s a quick summary of some of Nitor’s activities this year.

At the booth, we displayed our blanket of offerings spread across different stages of a data journey, to guide you on the road to digital transformation, these included Modernization & Digitization, Integration & Transformation.

We highlighted how we leverage strategic partnerships to deliver data-driven transformations. We also showed our prowess in delivering secured healthcare interoperability along with our solutioning partners. Nitor experts answered questions regarding app development, interoperability and much more.

Our Peer product managers Priyank Chopra and Pushyamitra Daram spoke at length with many interested organizations on ways to  improve their cost & efficiency around product development so they could bridge the gap between Enterprise and IT Vendor.

Our live demos showed how our accelerator frameworks could transform an organization’s data, and unlock its full potential. Some of the topics included:

  • nChatbot
  • MIPS Rule Engine
  • Dell Boomi FHIR
  • Patient Portal

We enjoyed our time at HIMSS 19 hope you did too! See you next year.

Nitor Infotech showcasing Payer Informatics and Analytics solutions at AHIP INSTITUTE & EXPO 2017, Booth # 1039

Nitor all set showcase Healthcare Analytics for Payers, Care coordination, Member engagement solutions at AHIP

America’s Health Insurance Plans (AHIP) is the national association whose members provide coverage and health‐related services that improve and protect the health and financial security of consumers, families, businesses, communities and the nation. AHIP serves as a strong, unified voice for an industry that is leading the way in transforming health care. Tens of thousands of industry professionals rely on AHIP to provide first-class advocacy, education, and information on our changing health care system, covering topics such as delivery and payment reform, high-cost drugs, Medicare Advantage (MA), Medicaid, and provider networks.

AHIP platform shapes and drives market‐based solutions by hosting health care IT providers on the journey from volume to value. Nitor Infotech is an ISV preferred software product development services partner. Our healthcare product advisory consults for product roadmap and technology consulting. We build world-class software products and services with design thinking and all modern technologies for web, cloud, data, and devices. Our healthcare consultants have built readily deployable and customizable accelerators to bring solutions to the fore rapidly.

At AHIP INSTITUTE & EXPO 2017, we are providing world-class software solutions and services for

  • Healthcare Analytics for Payers – Claims Analytics, Fraud Analytics, RCM Analytics, Payer Sentiment Analysis, and more
  • Care Coordination through collaborative platforms and ACO solutions – Workflow and Analytics solutions
  • Member engagement solutions – Deep experience in creating solutions like Patient portal, IoT, Healthcare Gamification
  • Population health management and Analytics – Expertise in predictive, diagnostic, prescriptive analytics
  • EHRs migrations Healthcare Integration Services – Interoperability, HIE and migration services etc. mhealth solutions – mobile apps (Wellness and Provider apps) (Expertise into creating a patient portal and wellness app on mobile)

Meet us at AHIP INSTITUTE & EXPO 2017: We gladly invite you to the exciting conference and hope to have meaningful Payer Informatics and Analytics discussion at our Booth # 1039. For any further queries, please write to us:
Date – June 07 – 09, 2017
Venue – Austin, TX

Nitor Infotech is exhibiting at HIMSS 2017 Annual Conference & Exhibition

HIMSS (Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society) is a global, cause-based, not-for-profit organization focused on better health through information technology (IT).

HIMSS aims to improve the quality, cost-effectiveness, access, and value of healthcare through IT. The 2017 HIMSS Annual Conference & Exhibition, February 19–23, 2017 in Orlando, brings together 40,000+ health IT professionals, clinicians, executives and vendors from around the world. Exceptional education, world-class speakers, cutting-edge health IT products and powerful networking are hallmarks of this industry-leading conference.

We are product advisory and technology partner for Healthcare ISVs. We manage entire PDLC of complex healthcare product lines with Microsoft, Open Source, and third-party technologies. Our services stack has Greenfield development and digital transformation services for patient engagement, population health management, IoT in healthcare, consumer health, healthcare gamification and more. Nitor leverages latest technologies to modernize and transform healthcare products and solutions.

The unique blend of technology and domain expertise from our SMEs / consultants have helped us build solution accelerators and frameworks solving business problems that challenge the healthcare industry. Few of them are readily deployable and customizable accelerators, and few are architectural best practices that are technology agonistic. These frameworks rapidly bring solutions to the fore. Few examples we can provide are calculating out of pocket expenses, IoT in healthcare, Predictive analytics solving specific use cases, Patient portal, and Analytics functional frameworks etc.We build and support world-class software products and services for

  • Patient engagement solutions – Deep experience in creating solutions like Patient portal, IoT, Healthcare Gamification
  • Population health management and Analytics – Expertise in predictive, diagnostic, prescriptive analytics
  • Care Coordination through collaborative platforms and ACO solutions – Workflow and Analytics solutions
  • EHRs migrations Healthcare Integration Services – Interoperability, HIE and migration services etc.
  • Healthcare Analytics for Providers, Payers and Quality Reporting (PQRS) and HEDIS (Expertise in healthcare analytics predictive, diagnostic, prescriptive etc.)
  • mhealth solutions – mobile apps (Wellness and Provider apps) (Expertise into creating a patient portal and wellness app on mobile

Meet us at HIMSS 2017: We gladly invite you to the exciting conference and hope to have meaningful healthcare products/technology discussion.

Our Regional Manager Mitra will connect with you at the conference.

Date – February 19–23, 2017

Venue – Orlando, FL, USA

Year 2018 Nitor Infotech Acquires SpotOn Software; Expands Footprint in Mobility, IoT & Data Science

India, Pune – July 18, 2018 – Nitor Infotech, a leading software product development firm, serving ISVs and enterprise customers globally, today announced that it has acquired SpotOn Software, an outsourced product development company specializing in product engineering and enterprise solutions.

This acquisition is expected to be a strategic move and will enable Nitor to leverage SpotOn’s expertise in Enterprise Mobility, IoT, Product Modernization, Data Science and Analytics. It allows Nitor to expand rapidly with SpotOn’s current and prospect customers getting access to a specialized portfolio of services.

“While our organic growth is heading in the right trajectory, we aim to push our inorganic growth strategy to complement our overall growth. With SpotOn joining the Nitor family, we will be able to scale up business in areas aced by SpotOn. This acquisition also offers a great opportunity for Nitor to access wider markets and execute newer and more challenging projects for our clients,” said Nitor’s Founder & Managing Director, C. E. Potnis

Echoing the sentiment is Nitor’s President, Sanjeev Fadnavis.

“SpotOn’s acquisition is reflection of our sustained strategic investments aimed at strengthening our core offerings in product development while adding to the areas of enterprise solutions. With SpotOn’s founding team joining Nitor, we will be able to expand our global leadership team. With this acquisition, we will accelerate our mobility offerings and provide our client’s with an attractive combination of IoT and data science. Additionally, SpotOn’s data science expertise will provide Nitor with additional boost to address complex client opportunities.”

Technical experts from Nitor claim that the SpotOn acquisition will:

  • Broaden Nitor’s IoT and software product development capability
  • Help Nitor address additional verticals encompassing – Media Content Delivery, Games & Augmented reality, Resource Tracking & Monitoring
  • Increase Nitor’s presence in Europe especially in the UK
  • Bring on board strategic clients across various domains

Mukul Joshi, CEO & Director of SpotOn who joins Nitor in a key role said – “We are excited to join Nitor Infotech as we share a deep commitment to product quality, result-driven R& D and transparency throughout the product development process. The deal also adds us to an impressive list of diverse partnerships Nitor has and opens doors to a plethora of technology stacks to serve our existing clients better”.

Ashutosh Sovani, COO & Director of SpotOn, who is also on board with Nitor added –“The Nitor acquisition acts as a platform for our skilled team to realize their full potential. We share the vision of the leadership at Nitor and look forward to an accelerated growth together.”

The acquisition will additionally provide SpotOn’s global customers with Nitor’s strategic partnerships and wide-ranging portfolio of services. Thus helping them expand the engagement and swiftly scale product and application development.

About Nitor Infotech:

Nitor is an outsourced software product development company and specializes in IT engineering management practices – Software Product Engineering, Analytic Engineering, Business Quality Assurance (Testing) and Enterprise Mobility. Our track record boasts of creating world-class software products and services with innovative technologies across multiple domains. With more than 380+ employees worldwide, Nitor Infotech is a trusted partner of choice to its client headquartered in India, Pune with offices in Chicago & Dallas.

Read more about Nitor Infotech on

About SpotOn:

Established in 2009, SpotOn have been leaders in product engineering and Solutioning. SpotOn has worked with multiple customers across the globe, from startups to MNCs and has become a part of their core software expert teams. SpotOn’s technical expertise in Mobility, IoT, Server software and Data Science has differentiated its offering to stand out in the software service market.

Read about SpotOn –

Year 2017 Nitor Infotech President speaks at NASSCOM All Member Meet 2017 on Scaling Businesses

Pune, India, Wednesday, December 20, 2017, – NASSCOM held an All Member Get-Together and a panel discussion on ‘Scaling Up Business’ for faster growth of SME companies in Pune. The Sanjeev Fadnavis, President of Nitor Infotech was one of the three esteemed panelists invited to interact with the audience at Sheraton Grand, Pune. He addressed the future of SMEs highlighting the importance of scaling up strategy and managing the constant intersection of sustainability and growth.

Panel discussion on the topic was for mid-size organizations trying to sustain and grow. About 100 companies comprising of mostly owner promoters and executives witnessed this exchange of ideas.

He held discussions on the need for key executives to believe in the company strategy of scaling up in order to achieve desired results. He stressed the importance of simultaneously managing all the stakeholders – the board, customers and employees, the last being of utmost importance, most complex and the most difficult one. He emphasized on the importance of having the right team of people who are not just hiring managers but also ones who have the capability of making tough calls, inventing strategies and in short turning into decision influencers.

He added that SME’s focus should always be “sustain-invest-grow”; a cycle that repeats itself until self-sustenance is achieved. One of the highlights of the discussion was a question put forth on what were the telltale signs or ‘tipping points’ while scaling up an organization. “Scaling up an organization works only when you have an ironclad strategy. Not just having the right strategy, it needs to have some magic moments for this strategy to be effective. The ‘tipping point’ as you have aptly called it, for an organization happens, either when the executive team starts taking ownership, or when the investments made for disruption bear fruits, in other words, your investments made to achieve disruption start getting returns,” he said.

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