Digital technologies  are changing the world like never before. Companies are left struggling to understand how to operate outside their traditional spheres to harvest value in this digital era. To be competitive in the future, organizations must become dynamic and collaborative, focused on continuous improvement and positioned to capture new growth opportunities—the moment they appear.

Nitor’s Enterprise Digitalization services provide enterprises with end-to-end view of processes; with the combination of automation, analytic modeling and insight-driven approaches to solve specific business challenges.


Transform Customer Experience

Customer Understanding

The marketing landscape is constantly evolving because of the spurt in digital channels targeting potential customers. Customer behaviour is also directly impacted owing to multiple purchasing options. By getting to know customers, a company can get a grip on customer future needs, behaviours and expectations.

Nitor helps you streamline your sales and marketing activities while improving your reach and customer understanding with Marketing Automation, Business intelligence & Analytics solutions.

Top-Line Growth

Business transformation requires focus on top-line growth. The key to improving top line growth for your business is crafting and implementing a strategy that optimizes your sales, marketing and customer service efforts.

Nitor’s CRM Advisory service empowers your sales, marketing teams to provide exceptional customer experiences thereby driving customer loyalty and increased revenues.

Customer Touch Points

Today, businesses need a multichannel strategy that offers consumers a seamless experience across all touch points, or they will miss an opportunity for customer value generation & return on investment (ROI).

Nitor’s Multichannel Marketing and Campaign services allow you to fortify customer relationships and accelerate your customer acquisition.

Transforming Operational Processes

Process Digitization

Transforming the operational process requires a level of speed and precision that traditional approaches cannot meet. Applying cutting-edge technology to your business processes can help you reach your goals faster and achieve a much higher performance than you could have thought.

Nitor’s process digitization includes Microservices, RPA & ESB-EAI enabling improved decision-making, better operational costs and reduced risks.

Employee Enablement

When you think about ways to better transform your workforce, you tend to think about improving the employee engagement, after all, employees can contribute more to a business than just what their job duties entail.

Nitor’s employee enablement includes Enterprise portal, ChatBot & Team communication solution that unleashes the potential of your employees and enables them to learn, develop and grow.

Performance Management

Today’s business demands solutions, that bring-in data, processes and analytics together to help the company make better decisions to catch up with rapid changes and digital disruptions.

Nitor’s performance management offering includes BI, Machine learning and Analytics enabling you to make informed decisions and drive your overall business performance with more agility.

Transforming Business Models

Digitally Modified Businesses

New digital upstarts are threatening the bottom lines, growth prospects, and even business models of traditional service providers. It’s time to innovate—or be left behind.

Nitor’s co-innovation service fosters growth, drives brand visibility, and helps build alliances. Additionally it maintains market leadership through tech-innovation and enablement of the latest breakthroughs relevant to their respective industries.

New Digital Businesses

Developing successful digital business models, products and services has become one of the most important success rate factors for today’s business landscape. Design Thinking is one of the methods to achieve innovation.

Nitor’s digital business offering includes Design Thinking workshops that enables functions satisfy rapidly rising customer expectations—and create new value for the business as a whole.

Digital Globalization

The world is more connected than ever, but the nature of its connections has changed – it is now digital. Using digital platforms and tools, organizations can sell in fast-growing markets while keeping global teams connected in real time.

Nitor’s Digital Globalization helps you target the value opportunities, reinvigorate your business model and mobilize your organization to deliver results worldwide.


  • Co-Innovation based approach to transformation of business model
  • Work towards top line growth and improvement of bottom line
  • Optimize processes to reduce operational cost
  • Experience to deliver “First Time Right”
  • Faster time to market
  • Accelerators and frameworks for predictable and timely delivery