DevOps Diagnostic

Q1. Do your project teams use a centralized code repository, for example GIT, SVN, or TFS?

Q2. Do deployment and rollback require manual interventions?

Q2a. What is the duration (hours) of deployment downtime?

Q3. Are jobs scripts used for deployments?

Q4. Does your company use any of the following artifact repositories: (Check all that apply.)

Q5. Do your teams follow the proper git branching strategies (feature/develop/master/tags)?

Q6. Please specify the toolchains used for deployments:

Q7. For which function(s) do you have a dedicated team? (Check all that apply.)

Q8. Are automated unit/integration tests a part of integrations and deployments?

Q9. Do you have automated monitoring and auditing in place for your infrastructure?

Q10. Are there scheduled or on-demand builds in place for your projects?

Q10a. Are there hooks on the repositories to keep the code quality intact?

Q11. For which of the following do you support complete automation? (Check all that apply.)

Q12. Do your projects support one-click deployments?

Q13. Do you have automation in place for:

Completion Form:

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