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Technologies are changing the world like never before. Enterprises are left struggling to understand how to innovate outside their traditional spheres to harvest value in this Digital era. To be competitive in the future, organizations must become dynamic and collaborative, focused on continuous improvement and positioned to capture new growth opportunities—the moment they appear.

Nitor assists enterprises in their digital transformation by providing top-notch software development services & technology to build world-class products by combining mobility, data, web and infrastructure.

We go beyond best practices to help enterprises create next-generation products and optimize their business processes. Nitor’s experienced consultants provide follow-the-sun services to ensure innovative, rapid, highly efficient development for any of your product design, engineering, development, testing or deployment initiatives.


The world is more connected now than ever, but the nature of its connections has changed – it is now digital. Using digital platforms and tools, organizations can sell in fast-growing markets while keeping global teams connected in real time.

Nitor’s Enterprise Digitalization solutions provide enterprises with an end-to-end view of processes, with the combination of automation, analytic modelling and insight-driven approaches to solve specific business challenges.

How We Do It

Customer Understanding
Streamline sales & marketing activities. Improve reach and customer understanding with marketing automation, business intelligence & analytics solutions

Digital Globalization
Utilize Digital Globalization to target value opportunities, reinvigorate a business model and mobilize an organization to deliver results worldwide

Digitally Modified Business
Use co-innovation service to foster growth, drive brand visibility, and build alliances. Additionally, maintain market leadership through techinnovation and enablement of the latest breakthroughs relevant to respective industries

Top-line Growth
Empower sales and marketing teams with advisory CRM solutions to provide exceptional customer experiences thereby driving customer loyalty and increased revenues

Customer Touch points
Experience multichannel marketing and campaign solutions that allow fortification of customer relationships and acceleration of customer acquisition

Employee Enablement
Experience employee enablement solutions such as Enterprise portal, chatbot & team communication for employees to learn, develop and grow

Process Digitization
Utilize process digitization services like Microservices, RPA & ESB-EAI for improved decision-making, better operational costs and reduced risks

Data Engineering

In this increasingly digitized world, the amount of data generated is growing at an exponential rate. All businesses are facing challenges in managing and making sense of this massive data and are seeking best practices to handle data meaningfully.

Nitor’s Data Engineering services extract intelligent, data-driven insights using proven methods in Big Data, AI, and Data Science. Our NAccelerate framework, Data LEGO, runs efficiently to make sure your product is superior to the competition. Our dedicated team of data engineering consultants work with you to ensure efficient capture, processing, cleansing and storage of data to enable insightful analytics for sound business decisions.

How We Do It
Data Warehouse Development and Modernization

Process data at lightning speed and deliver automated, intelligent solutions via Data Warehouse Development and Modernization

Data Lake and Big Data Development

Streamline and systematize the process while delivering a quick turnaround time

Advanced Analytics
(AI and ML)

Use cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning to take analysis to the next level. Benefit from a metadata driven approach with freedom to scale as you grow

Data Science Predictive Modelling

Employ proven ML-based techniques to predict trends and detect potential threats in your data

Data & Application Integration

Today’s enterprises need to have superior data and application integration practices in order to streamline connections between numerous business applications. This leads to a futuristic solution that is scalable, robust, and cost-effective.

Nitor’s Data & Application Integration services ensures clear integration vision, distinct deliverables/budget/timeline choices, optimal technology choices and security architecture. Our expert consultants, depending on enterprises’ need, recommend, best integration techniques ensuring optimal return on investment and reduced cost of ownership.

Our Offerings

Integration Consulting

o Enterprise Architecture Audit, Analysis, & Planning
o Project Analysis & Planning
o Data Modelling

Integration Implementation

o Implement on mobile, web, desktop, &
cloud applications

Tactical Integration

o Custom API Integration
o Custom middle ware development
o Custom data sources & applications

Industrial Automation

The world of automation is constantly evolving. Growing customer expectations and need for innovative, connected products are forcing organizations to re-think their strategy when it comes to industrial products and the traditional methods of manufacturing.

Nitor designs and delivers industrial automation solutions helping clients make next-generation industrial products that are connected and intelligent. Our expert consultants after the assessment phase will layout the plan, which will ensure maximum performance of your equipment and processes.

How We Do It
Performance Optimization
Meet industrial production challenges in HMI design, control, loop turning etc.
Engineering & Execution
Configure and install computer networks to
ensure top quality, timely delivery of project well within budget
Modernization & Upgrades
Assess existing automation systems and provide a suitable upgrade strategy
Maintenance & Support
Provide technical support and effectively maintain hardware and software, ensuring all systems are up-to-date
Why Nitor?

Wellness Expertise

01. Build and launch fitness apps and other products faster

02. Show the user real-time data corresponding to different activities

03. Display various activity details like walking/running

04. Integrate mobile application with different types of wearable devices

Performance Management System Exposure

01. Create new interface for scheduling and billing

02. Increase application performance

03. Access billing, scheduling & appointment processes easily

04. Enable responsive design that fits on any screen – laptop, mobile, tablet, etc.

EMR software interface development experience

01. Build interface for real time data sharing of information between EMR and PMS, especially for dental clinics

02. Automate billing, scheduling and appointment process to directly increase practice efficiency

02. Integrate PMS with EHR to help operational staff have accurate details on diagnosis and procedures required for billing services

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