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Why Nitor

There are 3 simple reasons as to why we are the best ‘growth’ partners for you:

We understand your business and NOT ‘interpret’ it

We take special efforts to understand and comply with your domain practices. We keep a close watch on the emerging market need and latest technological trends. Owing to this, we understand your finer business aspects in true sense and DON’T interpret it unlike others, leading to project failures. Overall, we are used to deliver customer delight experience. The manifestation of all our efforts is in the form of partnerships, certifications, awards and our happy customers inclusive of “who’s who” in the technological world

Our inborn culture - Product Development and Innovation

We are NOT pulling the ‘product’ skin culture onto ourselves for business. Peel off our skin and you would see our blood and DNA has ‘product’ and ‘innovation’ written all over it. Market can offer you multiple things but never an inborn product culture. If you are looking for “Product Engineering Management” then yes, we are talking. Just try us out and find it for yourselves!

Center of Excellence – for various technologies

We are into this business by choice and NOT for skimming. We are passionate to make this world ‘connected’ with ‘information freeways’. We are dedicated to provide meaningful information to our customers at all times with quality. And to do that, we architect it with appropriate technologies helping businesses pave their growth with ‘value to market’. We have setup various “Center of Excellence” to establish, improve and deliver industry best practices to our customers. To understand this more, why don’t we talk about latest technological trends over a coffee? Deal?

Case Studies

Have a quick tour of companies of your scale who were facing challenges and are now delightful with us.

What I like about Nitor are 3 things

  • 1. Technology expertise across length and breadth
  • 2. Expert Service availability across USA and India time zones
  • 3. Predictability and process centricity of their services

-CIO, healthcare company