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We have worked with companies of various kinds and different scales. And one thing is for sure – their needs differ. Different companies are in different growth stages at any given point of time. Their needs, strategies and outlook vary largely based on the type of growth they are seeking. Obviously, “one size does NOT fit all” in this case.

Our DNA consists of product engineering since inception. So we carefully choose to commit working only with Independent Software Vendors and System Integrators. We feel a natural energetic resonance while working with these companies. Our talent of Product Engineering, Data Engineering and Testing is explored and challenged while working on mission critical projects. But sincerely, that’s the only fuel on which we are running our marathon till now and would continue to do so.

Based on our decade long experience, we have derived the fact that ISVs + SIs can be largely categorized into 4 broad categories based on their needs, outlook and expectations from product engineering and R&D teams. These categories are:

  • 1. Matured Companies
  • 2. Transforming Companies
  • 3. Growing Companies
  • 4. Funded Startups

This categorization is NOT in terms of typical revenue focused model. Let us explain.

Matured Companies

Matured companies are the successful companies riding high on their product growth portfolio. Here, outsourcing is a part of their strategy because they have already experienced and matured along with it. They are primarily focused on predictability and sustenance of vendor services. They operate with Centre of Excellence and industry best practices. They are looking for strategic growth partners who can deliver them business insights, handle the product engineering and deliver great user experience. All this would lead to exactly what they want - booming business and customer growth.

Based on these demands, our focus is largely based on strategic managed services for their entire product portfolio. We choose deeper engineering management partnership which consists of laying out entire product business roadmap. This comes from a combination of market trends, technology trends, product architecture (“as is” -> “to be”) and engineering plan. We simply own the product for you and deliver the required results. Connect with us to understand better as to why we are the best, relevant managed services partners.

Transforming Companies

Transforming companies are the ones who have decided to “transform” themselves for the next stage of growth. Realizing the potential benefits, they are now going to initiate outsourcing or switch from one vendor to another. They have a strong demand for operations with industry best practices. They are focused on process centricity which would streamline their operations measuring everything and point out the bottlenecks. They also are looking for service availability overlapping their time zones irrespective of geographic locations.

Here we handhold our customers in their first journey of customer delight experience with us. We guide them step by step for the strategic outsourcing benefits and reap maximum benefits out of it. We are committed to process level compliance and deliver continuously working on setting up the operational metrics and improving overall operational efficiency. We ensure to overlap their time zones and provide the required support.

Growing Companies

Growing companies are hungry for product growth. They are looking to expand their customer base across the nation or in fact go the global route. Here they need the product roadmap (at times as per geographic preferences) interspersed with product milestones and latest technology. The want to quickly upturn technologies to find the best fit. There is a huge demand for product talent who can scale up these products and perform R&D on an agile basis.

We commit to a clearly defined strategy here – Top Line Growth partnership. Aligning with the ambitious goals, we partner in the product innovation and customer base expansion strategy. We prefer to contribute and partner in the top line growth instead of merely being the bottom line beneficiaries. Our holistic teams consisting of market researchers, functional consultants, technology experts and R&D professionals lays out and executes this strategic growth plan.

Funded Startups

Every startup has the potential to change the world. And startups which have received funding have now got the faith installed in their vision. Yes, they are on the right track. Funded startups are continuously looking for domain specific innovation and efficiency. They are there to disrupt the market.

With a mindset to add real time value to the market, our product architects and technology experts provide agile services in continuously reinventing the product. We bring agility in services across the entire product life cycle from ideation to implementation to testing and maintenance.

Irrespective of these categories, we are committed to
Our Strategic Focus on – Independent Software Vendors + System Integrators


  • Predictability and Sustenance of Services
  • Centre of Excellence
  • Strategic Partners

Our Focus

  • Business Roadmap
  • Managed Services
  • Why we are the BEST, relevant managed services partners?


  • Best Practices
  • Process Centricity
  • Availability of Services

Our Focus

  • Strategic outsourcing benefits
  • Process Compliance
  • Product Customer Delight Experience
  • Overlapping time zone services


  • Product Growth
  • Technology roadmap
  • Scaling up Product and R&D team

Our Focus

  • Product Innovation
  • Topline growth partnership
  • Holistic team of Market Research + Domain Experts + R&D Experts


  • Innovation
  • Efficiency
  • Domain Centricity

Our Focus

  • Agility of Services
  • Product Architects
  • Technology Experts
Flexibility and Scalability of our services across companies –
Product Engineering + Data Engineering + Testing + Mobility + Cloud Services + Enterprise Content Management

Hey listen, why don’t you connect with us and assess where do you fall in this categorization. We can help you from there onwards.

Case Studies

Have a quick tour of companies of your scale who were facing challenges and are now delightful with us.

What I like about Nitor are 3 things

  • 1. Technology expertise across length and breadth
  • 2. Expert Service availability across USA and India time zones
  • 3. Predictability and process centricity of their services

-CIO, healthcare company