Our nimble size allows us to have dedicated client focus and reinvent the product altogether

Chances are, you are coming across an altogether new outsourced product development partner every single week. But your product roadmap issues still exist. The problem is in getting everything and everyone (people, process, data and things) to perform in cadence. Nitor brings you strategic outsourcing expertise, culture for product innovation, mature engineering practices – full stack and cross stack development engineers and right information management tools to bridge the silos, digitize enterprise operations and improve information access.

When we make these things perform in symphony, along with co-defined metrics for success, you improve on operational excellence and reap the business benefits backed with data driven decisions.
Below are some 20+ reasons as to why you should choose ONLY NITOR as outsourced product development technology partner.

Why Nitor

Software Product Engineering DNA and culture

Domain driven technology solutions and services

Flexible Engagement Models

Scaled Agile Delivery for managing complex range of product lines

Executive Management with 50+ years of strategic outsourcing expertise

Design Thinking for user centricity

Solution Accelerators to bring solutions to the fore rapidly

Full stack and cross stack development engineers

Technology CoE for mature engineering practices

Certified Product Talent with career succession plans

Continuous focus on Learning/Trainings and Upgradation

Cross Cultured trained workforce

Quick and flexible ramp up and ramp down

Best in Class Product Management Toolsets e.g. TFS and Atlasian JIRA

Team Collaboration tools including e.g. SharePoint, Skype/Lync

Employee Wellness Index

Transfer Cost and Risk to specialists

Communication Plan at all levels

World class IT Infrastructure

BCP and Risk Management