Flexible business models designed for product value and ROI

We engage in KPI driven and outcome oriented engagement business models to maximize product value.
For all our below mentioned business models, there is strategic oversight from leadership
and practice teams to ensure engagement success.

Tactical Engagements

Fixed Bid
Here scope, requirements, deliverables and schedule are clearly defined before project initiation. Expect on-time, on-budget deliveries provided there are no changes in scope.
Time & Material
Rapidly adapt to agile requirements. Complete visibility and control over the agile development process.
Combination of “Time & Material” model to define scope and “Fixed Price” model when project scope is locked.

Strategic Engagements

Rebadging or Dedicated Development Facility
Suitable for setting up low-cost offshore center without the administrative and legal overheads; IP is owned by client; facility is designed based on business requirements and industry best practices.
End Of Life
“Skin in the game” approach to take ownership of product development and support across PDLC.
Managed Services
Complete ownership of product support L2 and beyond.
Strategic Alliance / Joint Venture
Joint strengths from both partners for market penetration and/or expansion.