Software Product Engineering Mindset

The industry is witnessing disruptive changes owing to agile customer demands, emerging technologies, and a spurt of innovative startups challenging the status quo. CTOs are at their edge for electrifying changes and pivot the product roadmaps in accordance. This calls for a robust product strategy and consulting partner to envision market fluctuations and deliver results that matters, and business value that lasts.
Nitor provides a complete spectrum of software product development services – from product strategy consultation to delivery to maintenance – keeping industry dynamics and evolving customer demands at the core. We expedite time to market with our accelerators solution accelerators and frameworks developed and perfected over the years. We bring together people, technology, industry and security to build your product roadmap enabling future-ready digital enterprise.


Product Development

Nitor proudly proposes the next wave of outsourced product development services – Software Product Development Services 3.0 (PDS 3.0) – designed for blended digital environments. PDS 3.0 applies a mature set of engineering technologies and business strategies to develop or re-engineer mature products with accelerated time-to-market and to gain rapid market share.


Data Engineering

Nitor manages high volume and velocity of real-time structured and unstructured data through advanced data visualization analytics. We massage the raw data into knowledge and actionable insights for data-driven business decisions.


Independent Testing

Product Quality Assurance is your brand promise. Nitor supports your testing mission through end-to-end software product testing strategies and implementation services across an expanded network of business applications, development environments, and smart devices.


Enterprise Mobility

We believe mobility as a mindset – keeping people connected, customers engaged and data secure across all digital touchpoints. And deliver enterprise mobility as a paradigm for efficiency and engagement.


Internet Of Things

The IoT value chain comprises of connections between things, data, process, and people. Nitor designs and delivers IoT solutions roadmap across connected products, infrastructure and operations to deliver connected user experiences and new sources of revenue.


Cloud Services

Nitor acts as your cloud transformation partner from developing a cloud-first strategy to managing public, private and hybrid environments.



Nitor’s end-to-end DevOps approach balances between code stability and agility with continuous assessment, continuous integration, continuous delivery and continuous operations resulting into improved business agility, IT responsiveness and software quality. Our DevOps solutions and services provide customizable dashboards with analytical capabilities for continuous monitoring of DevOps components and applications.


Enterprise Content Management

Nitor’s enterprise content management solutions and services provide life-cycle management of critical business content from creation to retention to transformation. We streamline business processes and omnichannel interactions for improved electronic records management, employee productivity, and increased profitability.