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BI and Analytics Engineering

Our expert team members work closely with ISV firm’s engineering teams closely to define the roadmap, architect the solution and develop the same as an extension to their in-house team

There are two broad areas within Analytics Engineering:

a. Data Management & Big Data:

    1. Data Ingestion & Storage - Helping companies in design and development of data ingestion architecture from variety of source systems. These could be of various formats and not limited to transactional data. It has evolved from simple RDBMS to complex Big data, columnar and NO SQL databases.
    2. Below Diagram Depicts the Same.

      Data modelling has also undergone lot of changes with the evolution of latest technologies. Modern day data modelling does not limit to data and dimension modelling to build data warehouse. It depends on what underlying data storage technology we deal with. These are:

        1. Columnar Database
        2. Document Database
        3. NO SQL column store
        4. Graph DB
        5. Triple data store (Semantic web)

      Each of the above technology require different tools and technologies expertise. Also the best practices for modelling varies accordingly. Our teams are adept in all the above technologies and propose the suitable option after thoroughly understanding the business needs.

      NO SQL Implementation Approach

    3. Datawarehouse Modernization - Design & development of data warehouse and modernization of existing Datawarehouse to become more agile and elastic with the changing business needs. We have expertise in helping ISVs to increase the scope of data to deal with by scaling out the existing architecture through MPP architecture on the cloud, and complementing it with parallel big data environment for unearthing hidden data insights. Automation of Datawarehouse is another areas which is gaining the prominence these days. It caters to the acceleration of development, testing and deployment with prebuilt scripts and documentation which help reduce costs for the customers. Nitor has expertise in providing automation services and leverages in-house accelerator frameworks in the process.

    4. Data Lake - Design & Development of Data Lake as part of modernization of analytics platforms / products. Building robust Meta data management module to enable index based searching and querying of required data, bringing the unstructured / semi-structured data from non-transactional systems into data governance purview etc. are part of data lake services. Nitor leverages Microsoft, Amazon and Open source technologies to build data lake for its ISV customers.

Big Data Solution Approach

b. Business Analytics

    1. Descriptive & Diagnostic Analytics - Building scorecards, dashboards and descriptive analytics to help companies diagnose the insight. Identifying the root cause by drill down / drill through functionality, sending alerts to appropriate people based on thresholds and helping variety of users with self-service capabilities.

      We use variety of tools and technologies and cross functional experts available at Nitor provide both Quality and Flexibility to its customers.

    2. Predictive & Prescriptive Analytics powered by Machine learning techniques -Helping companies to build advanced analytics products leveraging the predictive analytics technologies to solve specific business use cases. Our expert data scientist team in combination with skilled programmers build and leverage algorithms to solve complex use cases.

      These analytics are generally triggered through specific event. This event can be random or an anomaly as part of streaming data. The event gives context to the analytics and brings value to the insight.

    3. Analytics Methodology / Process

      Providing text analytics using NLP (Natural Language Processing) methods is another area of expertise to help companies to build engine for better search and data discovery. Sentiment analysis is also another application where we have expertise in which uses NLP as its core module.

      Natural Language Processing (NLP)
    4. Embedding Analytics - The services around this area are primarily focused around operationalization of the analytics. How the pre-built analytics as part of the product are put to work by making them available to intended users and empower them. Publishing on to native application layer with additional functionalities, embedding into the desired design methodology of screens (product) and providing ease of use for better adoption are being provided as part of this offering.

      IOT Analytics is another area where we have specialized focus and expertise, which help companies to build and deploy the analytics on to the device itself. We work with the server side of the application and build the analytics layer.

      Leveraging latest UI / UX technologies as part of responsive design to render on mobile devices is what Nitor is specialized in. HTML5, D3.js chart components using angular js, bootstrap technologies is our biggest strength in addition to the expertise on proprietary tools.

      Building point specific analytics solutions to solve predefined business problem and leveraging it as a component as part of the solution flow is another way to look at 'embedding analytics'. Our teams have built such solutions with customers, so that they can be utilized as micro services.

Analytics Testing

We provide ‘BI products testing’ offering ranging from ‘ETL’ to ‘Reports Visualization’. The specialized team members are well experienced having SQL skills and working as QA professionals who are well versed with testing methodologies, processes such as ‘TDD (Test Driven Development)’, ‘Agile SCRUM’ and ‘MVVM (Model-View-View Model)’ etc. and have the appropriate mindset to help reduce ‘time to market’ for our ISV customers like yours We also provide ‘Test Data Generation’ and ‘Data masking’ services which makes us to simulate and create test labs at offshore for successful product testing.

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