What’s New

Cloud Services

Nitor’s Cloud services credentials along with product engineering expertise has helped lot of product’s leverage the cloud platforms and add value to the products. Nitor’s cloud practice has deep expertise in architecting products on top of AWS and Azure platforms. We have partnered with Microsoft and helped move lot of ISV’s product to Azure.

Some of the highlights of our cloud practice:
  • Migrated more than 10 products on to Microsoft Azure and AWS
  • Architected more than 10 products on AWS leveraging features such as EC2, Auto scaling, RDS, SQS, S3, SNS and DynamoDB
  • Architected more than 15 products on Azure leveraging features such as Cloud services, ServiceBus, Blobs, Queues and DocumentDB
  • Our open sourced API that helps faster programming with AWS and Azure features
  • Architecting Product with “avoiding vendor lock-in” mindset
  • DevOps implementation to automate creation of various cloud features

Case Studies

Have a quick tour of companies of your scale who were facing challenges and are now delightful with us.

What I like about Nitor are 3 things

  • 1. Technology expertise across length and breadth
  • 2. Expert Service availability across USA and India time zones
  • 3. Predictability and process centricity of their services

-CIO, healthcare company