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Solution Accelerators

With our tightly coupled product engineering projects with Independent Software Vendors (ISVs). We have applied our domain knowledge and technology expertise to effectively develop in house Solution accelerators- NAccelerate.NAccelerate brings solutions to the fore rapidly, with higher quality and customer delight for on-time project delivery.

We have systematically planned and invested in building strong, extensible and customizable automation accelerators with a suite of ready test cases to accelerate time-to-market. Built in technology agnostic and modular approach,NAccelerate can be readily deployed in your projects and integrated with different tools (commercial/open source) to deliver a faster ROI.

Certain key benefits are:

  • Faster time to market and reduced TCO: Rapid go-to-market provides competitive advantage owing to repeatable and standard processes. It also reduces total cost of ownership (TCO) optimizing IT budget spend
  • End-to-end automation accelerators Scalable and extensible automation accelerator ensures lower investment costs and faster ROI as the accelerator is well defined and user friendly
  • Pre-built function Libraries: Enables complete functionality coverage by an exhaustive library of pre-configured components
  • Reusable business components: Higher reusability of scripts leads to reduced efforts throughout product development cycle and maintenance

Healthcare Analytical Functional Accelerator

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Digital Accelerators

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Testing Boosters

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IoT Accelerator

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Center of Excellence
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Case Studies

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What I like about Nitor are 3 things

  • 1. Technology expertise across length and breadth
  • 2. Expert Service availability across USA and India time zones
  • 3. Predictability and process centricity of their services

-CIO, healthcare company